Sea Asian Opens at New Location

BHB Photo Club pic by kris10cw

BHB Photo Club pic by kris10cw

Sea Asian has made the move from Clark Street to 125 Livingston Street as seen in this photo from BHB Photo Club contributor Kris10cw.  Owner John Tjon told Brooklyn Heights Blog last month that the restaurant will still deliver to their customers in Brooklyn Heights.  Their phone number remains the same: 718-625-9893.

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  • alex

    20% off sounds good to me.

  • Bart

    I kind of liked this restaurant but I rarely venture east of Court street. And anything east of Boerum Place is way too far in the wrong direction. So I seriously doubt I will ever visit them at their new location.

  • Eddie The Eagle

    Shorter Bart: brown people scare me.

  • matt

    Don’t feed the trolls! That’s the kind of fake racial sensitivity that makes people ignore real issues. It’s a long way to the new location. I won’t go there, and believe me when I say I’m not a racist.

    Ask yourself if you’re really helping the problem, just looking for attention, or trying to increase the signal/noise ratio enough that no one hears anything.

  • hickster

    yes, the real issue is landlord price gouging that forces out my favorite restaurant and leaves streets with empty storefronts that are as inviting and attractive as a mouth with no missing teeth.

    if the 20% applies to delivery, i am all over it. as far as walking there, it is too far unless i am already out that way. my brown boyfriend agrees.

  • hickster

    meant to say with missing teeth..blimey

  • Andrew Porter

    Odd how they and the Japanese restaurant across the street were/are always empty, while the Japanese restaurant next to 100 Clark Street is always full. May they have better occupancy at their new location.

  • hickster

    dont know about the one in the train station, but sea asian did a huge delivery business. iron chef is tiny henc easy to loo full fast and highly overrrated.

  • sue

    Sushi Gallery in St. George is really good. But warning: their spicy (fill in the blank) lives up to its name. Just wish they had crab rangoon… aka “cheesy ravioli” at Sea Asian

  • soulman

    I’m not sure what “hickster” is getting at or who is over-rating Iron Chef, but I eat there regularly and have NEVER been anything but totally satisfied. It’s a treasure!

  • hickster

    in my opinion, it is overrated. i have eaten there several times and was never blown away.