Hey Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

BHB Photo Club contributor Jen recently added this candid moment of a U.S. Postal Service delivery in Brooklyn Heights caught on tape last Tuesday on Hicks Street near P.S. 8.  No word on if the contents were damaged but it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone shipping fragile goods to remember this video.

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  • Publius

    ROTFLMAO. That’s my postman too.

    Thanks to blogs, we now live in a panoptic society.

  • Billy Reno

    You’re going to ruin your back, Postie! Remember to bend at the knee when you mistreat parcels.

  • E G

    This seems bizarre behavior unless the box is filled with rocks or equivalent weight, then it makes sense. +1 on BR’s advice.

  • nabeguy

    To his credit, this particluar postal employee made a delivery to my house on Christmas day last year. Thankfully, it wasn’t ornaments for the tree.

  • alex

    I kind of feel sorry for that postman. Haven’t we all slacked off at work? I wouldn’t want my less than stellar performance posted online.

  • Todd Piotrowski

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor BOX OF BRICKS stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

  • lifer

    wouldnt, shouldnt they be equipt with handtrucks?.. UPS guys are

  • David on Middagh

    “That better not be for me.” ?!

    Why not put the camera down and help the Postman carry what may be your package? He could be having a bad-back day.

  • The Where

    DOM : I respect your humanity. However if either of us were on fire I doubt any USPS employee would bother to relieve themselves on us to put it out.

  • Peter

    What do you expect from a federal employee !
    this is why I avoid Cadman Plaza PO at all cost.
    they are the lazy and stupid.

  • AEB

    But not as irksome as the sanitation guys’ practice of selectively picking up garbage that’s nonetheless been properly readied for them.

    I believe Dr. Freud would have something to say on their practice of leaving behind–sometimes strewn in the street if it happens to escape the truck’s maw–refuse they’re meant to remove.

    Passive aggression? Regression to the infantile play-with-one’s feces stage?

  • Bart

    This is priceless!

    Whenever I imagine what government run universal health care would look like, I think of the US Postal Service. While I love the idea of the American joining the rest of the first world in providing universal healthcare, I just don’t think our government is capable of handling it. Imagine this scenario: you’re waiting to get X-rays, the tech can’t find a gurney, so he rolls you down the hall!

  • josh

    while this is pretty bad and the guy should be reprimanded if not fired, the USPS is a pretty good value for the service it provides. i know i’ve seen fedex and UPS guys throwing boxes around like crazy too and comparatively i believe they are way more expensive.

    i’d love to have the healthcare our congress has.

  • Billy Reno

    “Honey, why do these Fabergé eggs look scrambled?!”

  • henry & state

    too funny. NOW I know WHY I don’t receive mail. There’s nothing to roll around. I never did receive the 3 notices for grand jury duty – until the 4th one came and threatened me with prosecution! wonder where the other 3 are …. maybe all the mail thats not delivered is in that box!

  • Andrew Porter

    I love how stuff for my building goes to the same street number on two other streets here in the Heights. When I look at the address on packages in my lobby, I frequently hand-deliver the stuff to where it’s really supposed to go. But this video is priceless…

  • Floyd Clark

    This is an instant classic. Amazing.

  • ups store


  • Former USPS employee

    I happen to know that that mailman hurt his back and was out of work for 4 days because of another package for the same person in the same building.

  • another jen

    you can clearly see in the video there is room to pull the truck directly in front of the building.

  • Charlie

    Having a bad back is not excuse to roll a package. If it was causing him that much pain then he should have gotten help or stayed home.

  • William Spier

    I think this is a riot. I would like to see him roll some humorless BH neighbors rolled around a bit. Folks, it’s the things in life you do not expect that make it worthwhile, not what you expect.

  • jiker

    right on spier!

  • Big T

    It would be unfair to catagorize all postal workers as the same as this poor guy. The majority of all postal workers are decent hard working responsible people. I have witnessed UPS and FED-EX guys abusing packages too! What all 3 companies have in common is a nazi managerial side that causes things like this to happen.

  • got you

    the pressure that this poor postal worker must be more than he can handle. postal management must be in his head to deliver at all cost or else.their famous line we will get you .what is next for postal worker tracking devices around their necks.

  • The Where

    @got you: it’s called a “hand truck”. blaming management is a cop out used only by the weak. Darwin wins again.

  • http://brooklyncomplex.net Josh
  • Homer Fink

    Really nice of them NOT to link to us

  • Joe

    This is for the fool with the video camera. Package is 85 pounds,Post officer worker is only requied to lift 70 pounds.Worker did not have a hand truck.Worker has a great record withth PO. Worker has a bad back on file with PO

  • The Where

    This is for Joe:
    Worker should have a handtruck as he is a postman. If one is not provided he should PULL HIS FRIGGIN TRUCK CLOSER TO POINT OF DELIVERY.

    If worker has a bad back he should TAKE THE DAY OFF. If it’s severe HE SHOULD SEE A DOCTOR. If the problem is more complex he should TALK TO HIS UNION REP.

    Joe, honey, you are not making it easier for anyone to feel bad for this poor soul. You making it easier to think he’s a slacker.