Hey Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

BHB Photo Club contributor Jen recently added this candid moment of a U.S. Postal Service delivery in Brooklyn Heights caught on tape last Tuesday on Hicks Street near P.S. 8.  No word on if the contents were damaged but it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone shipping fragile goods to remember this video.

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  • David on Middagh

    @The Where: Do you realize that your comments under the various entries of the Brooklyn Heights Blog come off as obnoxious?

  • The Where

    DoM the truth stings sometimes.

  • nabeguy

    Dave, The Where is an ASS-WIPE…there’s no reason to supply him with paper.

  • The Where

    Nabeguy must we stoop that low?

  • nabeguy

    Jeez, TW, for someone who relates truth to pain, I thought you could take it. Apparently not, so my apologies for ruffling your sensitive feathers. However, if you’re going to adopt a provocateur’s role, you should be prepared to deal with the s-storm that you foment.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Strangely, I have to agree with TW, DoM and NG.

    85lbs, in a box of that size? With some minimal packaging/foam, a bowling ball would fit in that box… weighing up to 14lbs or so.
    At 8.3lbs/gal, I don’t think you could get more than 4 gallons of water in the box (~33lbs).

    Before you suggest that it’s solid lead, 1 ft3 of lead weighs 708lbs, which would not only break a handtruck, but would also be prohibitively expensive to ship overnight. :)

  • David on Middagh

    Wouldn’t we all feel silly if it turned out to be a shipment of fax paper.

  • Sticky

    It does nto matter what is shipped, this should not be allowed. The person should be fired. I’m sure someone would love to have his job; and yes, the Cadman Plaza PO really is the worst.

  • mike r

    Looks like he is now management material/ at least a new Vice President of Delivery.

  • ed

    What the hell is everyone crying about?That was kid glove treatment compared to what that parcel went through in our machinery.If it is packaged properly there shouldn’t be any problem.

  • RCinOK

    Postal carriers are not provided with hand trucks/dollies…period. Try and ask for one and see what happens.

    Postal employees are very limited on how much sick leave they can use. More than three days and you’re liable to get a written reprimand. I’ve known of carriers getting letters of warning for using three days in the same month. Even though they had more than that coming to them.

    I’ve worked for UPS and Fedex. You should see them sorting and loading. They throw that stuff around like a basketball at a Lakers game.

    And to the person who said “blaming management is a cop out,” you’ve obviously never worked for the USPS. They tell you what to do, when to do it, and for how long. You even have to ask for permission to go to the restroom. And you better not be in there longer than they think it should take. USPS supervisors are little nazis. You do what they make you do, or you’re gone.

  • http://Postalreporter slick


    Wanna know what’s really F’ed up ? The A-holes that took the video (propably inspectors) allowed him to continue after they spotted him…

  • The Where

    Seems like many out-of-town civil servants have found this post. How can I tell? Dumb statements such as the clueless bile from slick. Sweetie pie, that video wasn’t shot by postal inspectors it was shot by citizens. It’s not a set up, it was real. Perhaps the only reality you are used to is from Vince McMahon and the WWE. As for RcinOK, your brokeback insight is just hi-larious. We should watch Hee Haw together sometime. And if you’re going to work every day and you’re being forced to do something against your will I suggest you grow some cajones or take gas. Your choice.

  • Rob

    Would we even have seen the package if that was a hot babe in a bikini doing that?

  • marcy

    Some footage is missing. Like the part where he finds out that UPS misdelivered the package to another address.
    If you have something heavy sitting on the ground you really shouldn’t try and pick it up.
    Thanks mailman for getting this to the right address!!!!

  • nabeguy

    TW, I think your straps have become a little bit loose, sweetie.

  • PurpleBear

    At least the carrier delivered the package. If I were the carrier, I’d have left the package at the post office and delivered a notice to the addressee to pick-up the parcel from there.

    For those who think UPS is better try sending something to rural America. If the delivery address is still within UPS delivery boundaries, they’ll tack on surcharges and fees. If it is outside their boundaries, they pay the post office to make the delivery.

  • http://postalreporter.om Shadoman

    To the Where…..You are an idiot and a ASSHOLE.I bet you are an embarrassment to your family.Likewise to the human race…

  • Bob G.

    I want to sincerely apologize for the actions of this moron. I have delivered mail for the Postal Service since 1971, and I am embarassed by this lazy carrier. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this kind of treatment of someone’s valuable parcel.
    This carrier deserves a suspension, and if it is determined that he damaged the contents of this parcel, he should be made to pay full restitution to the addressee.
    The overwhelming majority of Postal Service carriers do their job with care and respect for the sanctity of the mail. There are, however, a small minority who do not.

  • The Where

    Shadoman- you have to be a mailman. You can’t spell and your link is broken. Was High School really that tough for you? I’ll advise you when there is a vacancy for a back scrubber. I feel truly sorry for you and the underclass troll with whom you dwell.

  • Postman101

    Here is a link to show those that do not get to see just how community minded Letter Carriers are.

  • The Where

    Mr. Postman, we don’t believe all “letter carriers’ are evil or incompetent. But thanks for your condescension anyway.

  • brent

    usps are cheap and don’t have handtrucks for heavy parcels

  • jask

    As a former letter carrier and current technician for the USPS, I am embarrassed, but not surprised. If I had the video, I would present it to the Post Office and speak to the manager. And since I don’t trust management, I would then submit a copy to the postmaster.
    Just a note: I believe the box is about 10-15lbs max. If you watch the video again, you see him rotate the box on the final roll.
    This IS a criminal act, willful distruction of property.

  • posalgal

    If you look closely, his garments are not full uniform wear, thus smelling of setup by the filmer and filmee, also why didn’t the person filming keep going to see what the response is from the customer answering the door, as I would have just to see the response. And no the PO does NOT supply hand trucks lol. He didn’t have mail in his hands for the customer nor forms for the sustomer to sign etc… odd.. a bit odd..and to do all of this on a very busy street, hmmm….

  • The Where

    Postgal please return to your crack pipe. That is the Hicks Street mailman. He’s for real unless he’s been stealing man and pretending for the last several years. Perhaps a career in comedy would work out for you but I doubt you have the mental capacity or ambition to pull that off. If you want conspiracy why don’t you go and troll those 9/11 truth sites. I can’t believe my taxes pay the salaries of all the losers at the post office. What a waste.

  • skins28

    His actions are not professional, but it’s nice to see how everyone here who commented is perfect. Congrats on being perfect and never slacking off as probably miost of you are at work viewing this and commenting. Slackers!!!

  • Sammy the Whale

    Mr. 28, please don’t use the term “professional” regarding letter carriers. They are mules and once a particle transporter is invented they will be extinct.

  • skins28

    Mr. Whale…sorry that you deem those that serve you as mules. Must be nice to be a true professional. Don’t let the blue collars of America stand in your way. Mules??? Those “mules” work for us and go home to families…think before you express your ignorance and hatred.

  • bornhere

    I regret prolonging the agony that is this thread by commenting … but I can’t wait until this topic disappears. I don’t recall having ever read anything on BHB so given to full-out (but bipartisan) crap and meanness.