New sidewalks in the Heights


Notice a lot of roadway construction in the neighborhood lately?

The Department of Transportation is currently in the midst of an 18-month, $4.5-million renovation project to build new wheelchair-accessible sidewalks along 47 intersections in Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Fort Greene. More information about the big project is on the DOT Web site here.

The work will extend the sidewalks and create new curbcuts, and each corner takes about six weeks to repair, said city inspector Ishwar Patel.

On Tuesday, construction crews shut off residents’ water supply along Joralemon Street, near Hicks Street, while they moved the water pipe and replaced its valve. Pipes must sit below the roadway, not sidewalks, as one worker explained. Crews are building new sidewalks at the southeast and northwest corners of Joralemon and Hicks street.

“It is for the pedestrian, so he can walk safely,” Patel said.

According to the project plan book Patel showed BHB, other corners in the Heights that will be or are repaired include:

  • Henry Street at Cadman Plaza West, at the southeast and southwest corners
  • Henry Street at Clark Street, northeast corner
  • Henry Street at Orange Street, southwest corner
  • Henry Street at Cranberry Street, northwest corner
  • Henry Street at Middagh Street, southwest and northwest corners
  • Atlantic Avenue at Clinton, Court, Henry, and Smith streets

And, elsewhere in the area:

  • Boerum Place at Bergen and Dean streets
  • Smith Street at Bergen, Schermerhorn, State, and Warren streets
  • Clinton Street at Union Street
  • Hicks Street at Sackett and Union streets
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  • bornhere

    There is also riveting (ha ha) work that’s been going on for weeks and weeks on Henry between Joralemon and Hunts Lane, complete with appropriated on-street parking for the construction supplies, a weeks-old water-main leak on the corner of Henry and Joralemon ( can only guess how much water is being wasted), and a handsome Port-a-San mid-block. This is evidently related to renovation of a carriage house on Hunts Lane and not a City-run project.

  • nabeguy

    Wait a sec. They (sorry, but I didn’t catch the specific city agency) just tore up the southwest and northeast corners of Middagh and Henry as well as other spots along Henry Street and left behind an asphalt pile at each corner. What was that all about? Were they re-fitting the sewer system for the new corners or just providing on-the-job training?

  • dean collins

    lol $4.5 million and NYC still cant get water to drain cleanly out of the curb.

    New York really is a third world city sometimes.

  • parking diva

    I know that this will bring on scorn and contempt…but I was thinking last evening that with all the roadwork and all the parking that’s disappeared, it adds insult to injury that this movie shoot has basically taken over the North Heights. We must have lost hundreds of parking spaces because of all of this, and it feels like there are lot of folks driving around, causing more traffic (also exacerbated by road work) this week.

    I know, I know, I should get rid of my car…

  • T.K. Small

    Hooray for wheelchair accessible sidewalks!