LICH Chief: Hospital at “Important Juncture”

After last year’s controversy over the plan by Continuum Health Partners, the consortium that manages Long Island College Hospital, to close LICH’s obstetrics and pediatrics practices, Continuum’s threat to shut down LICH if that plan that was rejected, and the State Department of Health’s disapproval of Continuum’s application to terminate the practices, LICH’s interim president, Dominick Stanzione told a group of “over 100 friends, supporters [of] and donors” to LICH at a reception honoring the hospital’s 150th anniversary that it “is at an important juncture.” However, rather than predicting doom, he stressed “enhancements to LICH’s major clinical services, such as Therapeutic Hypothermia for heart attack victims and the new ‘Volcano’ Intravascular ultrasound system.”

“Decisions made now,” Stanzione said, “are improving the future physician and patient experience at LICH.”

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  • rob

    the worst hospital in the world. its worse than going to a 3rd world country

  • Neighbor

    Not sure what you are basing your opinion on, rob. Better not to slur anything — why not just say what your experience was.

    We’ve used the emergency room at LICH on several occasions, and it has been great — fast, friendly, good treatment. My son’s pediatrician was at LICH — Dr. Giusti — top notch. My son spent several days in the hospital there when he was in grade school, and the care was excellent. Dr. Giusti has been the pediatrician for many BH kids, and is very respected.

  • Bobby

    Our daughter was born there last year. It went very well.

    Very annoying to heard people bashing this hospital. The quality is OK and we need it here.

  • T.K. Small

    My niece was also born there last year and my sister and her husband thought that the care was quite good.