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Millions Marchers Delay Trip to ER for MTA Employee Injured While Working at Court Street Station

MTA worker Vincent Dobe suffered leg injuries last night while on duty at Court Street station in Brooklyn Heights. EMS planned to take him to Bellevue Hospital but demonstrators participating in the Millions March were blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, reports the New York Daily News. Instead, he was taken to Lutheran Medical Center. NYDN: Dobe, […]

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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been Or Pierson’s One Note Campaign Against Levin Marches On

Steve Levin used to work for Vito Lopez. In light of recent events, Vito Lopez is not such an awesome dude. What with the scandals which have basically changed his name to “The Disgraced” Vito Lopez. So this would make Steve Levin, who has represented NYC Council District 33 for the last 4 years, totally […]

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Le Petit Marche Will Re-open as Bread and Butter

With the end of 2009 also came the end of Le Petit Marche. The three-year-old French restaurant shuttered on New Year’s Eve, and the owners said the space will re-open under new management as early as this weekend. The new restaurant will be called Bread and Butter, and specialize in American comfort. Dishes will include […]

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Le Petit Marche Closed, Papered Up

AEB, among other commenters, reports: Homer, just passed by Le Petit Marche and it appears to have closed. Windows covered on the inside with taped brown paper. Another commenter, Jonesy suggests: From the rumor mill – Le Petit Marche isn’t closing. They are going to change their name, remodel, and bring back their old chef. […]

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Le Petit Marche Back In Business

After passing their re-inspection today “with flying colors,” Le Petit Marche will be re-opened for business beginning tonight, owner Daniella Silone told BHB. “It’s a little nerve-wracking,” she said. “I’m happy to be re-opened.” Silone said she didn’t know how the restaurant will be received, but she “hopes people will give us a chance.”

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Photo: Karl Junkersfeld

Will You Go Back to Le Petit Marche?

Le Petit Marche’s [46 Henry Street] recent trouble with the NYC Department of Health and the establishment’s attempt to spin its violations as the product of “clerical errors” has us wondering if Brooklyn Heights residents are willing to return to dining there should they pass re-re-inspection. Owner Daniella Silone told BHB that the situation is […]

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Le Petit Marche Owner: ‘This Is Breaking My Heart’

Le Petit Marche may re-open before Thanksgiving, owner Daniella Silone told BHB tonight. Silone said that last week’s closing by the DOH following three failed inspections since August was a “tremendous setback.” “We were not prepared for this,” she said. “This is breaking my heart that this is happening.”

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BHB photo by C. Scales

Le Petit Marche Fails Re-inspection

Not only was Le Petit Marche’s re-opening for a private party this weekend not permitted, the restaurant failed a re-inspeciton today, according to officials at the Department of Health. During today’s re-inspection, officials found mice droppings as well as conditions for mice “harborage.” In order to re-open the restaurant must pass another re-inspection. While the […]

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Closed-Open-Closed: Is Le Petit Marche Brooklyn Heights’ Brigadoon?

We reported, in an update to a Saturday post, that Le Petit Marche had reopened, and that the DOH closure notices on the window and door had been removed or covered by colorful holiday posters. Below is a photo taken by your correspondent at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday: Although not visible in the photo, people […]

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Le Petit Marche to Re-open Tomorrow?

Your correspondent has learned from a friend, who had made a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner at Le Petit Marche, that she has received a phone call from one of the owners of the restaurant, assuring her that the closure was indeed the result of a clerical error, claiming that it has now been rectified, and […]

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