What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been Or Pierson’s One Note Campaign Against Levin Marches On

Steve Levin used to work for Vito Lopez. In light of recent events, Vito Lopez is not such an awesome dude. What with the scandals which have basically changed his name to “The Disgraced” Vito Lopez. So this would make Steve Levin, who has represented NYC Council District 33 for the last 4 years, totally not an awesome dude as well. At least that’s what Democratic rival/Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Pierson’s entire campaign has been based upon in this year’s primary.

BHB FLASHBACK: Election 2009 ‘The Herd for the 33rd’

This week, residents of the district, which includes Brooklyn Heights, received what could have been considered a great anti-Levin mailer four years ago. It shows Levin as a “Council Member with Strings Attached”. GET IT? The strings are DARTH VITO!

In mid-July, the press (which includes us… go figure) received dispatches from Pierson’s campaign manager Diana Gonzalez stating that, “Evidently, Steve Levin is asking the Super PAC that REBNY is funding for a $100-$150K mail program run by the Parkside Group.”

We received that email on July 18. You know what was happening in the district on that day? This:

So naturally, we asked Ms. Gonzalez for the candidate’s statement on developments that week at LICH. We’re still waiting for her response. (Note: Pierson did issue a presser in June about LICH here. And this week he released his transportation policy.)

As for the assertion that Levin is up to some hookey doo with developers —

Politicker: “The accusation made … by the Pierson campaign is totally false and utterly reprehensible,” Mr. Levin said in an email to Politicker. “I have not asked for the support of Jobs for New York PAC, I would not accept their support, and I respectfully ask that Jobs for New York PAC stay out of the 33rd District Council race.”

A source with the PAC backed up Mr. Levin and said the allegation that Mr. Levin reached out to them was false.

As for the latest Lopez linking salvo from the Pierson camp, Levin tells Politicker, “I call on Mr. Pierson to disavow such tactics immediately, to cease employing them, and begin talking about the issues that matter to the residents of the 33rd District.”

Levin and Pierson are reportedly scheduled to debate 3 times before the September 10 primary.

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  • slyvester

    Will you deal me 3 more cards?

  • gerrymander

    I’m not opposed to considering an alternative to Levin, but I observe that the two anti-Levin pieces sent by Pierson say nothing at all about his own campaign.

  • BrooklynBugle


  • ursulahahn

    Question to Pierson: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE 33rd CD, WHICH WOULD QUALIFY YOU TO REPRESENT THEM? Or more broadly: What have you done for society at large? What causes do you support in person and by contributing your hard-earned dollars?

  • Judy Stanton

    The Brooklyn Heights Association submitted a Slow Zone application to the NYC DOT as of May, 2013. By early fall, we expect to hear whether Brooklyn Heights is slected. Readers are encouraged to check our website (www.thebha.org) for information about that.

  • slyvester

    Excuse me, please deal me 4 more cards.

  • David on Middagh

    I suppose, as a desperation move, that candidate Pierson could always remind the voting public that Councilmember Levin is a notorious cat tolerator…