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5 Reasons Why Stephen Pierson Lost To Steve Levin In Council D33 Democratic Primary

While Brooklyn Heights resident/ City Council hopeful Stephen Pierson might be blaming voter fraud for his resounding 40 point loss to incumbent Steve Levin in NYC Council D33’s Democratic primary we thought it would be a good time to list the 5 real reasons we think his bid went down in flames. Here they are: […]

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Pierson Poll-Watcher Says Widespread Vote Fraud Possible in Williamsburg

Gothamist reports on allegations of attempted voting fraud in Tuesday’s primary election, quoting David Greenberg, a poll watcher for unsuccessful City Council candidate and Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Pierson (photo), as saying he observed so many attempts to vote using fraudulent credentials that he assumed the problem was “widespread.” Greenberg, who was observing voting at […]

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Steve Levin Trumps Stephen Pierson In NYC Council District 33

What a long strange primary trip it was for Steve Levin in NYC Council District 33. Brooklyn Heights resident/challenger/ fellow Brown alum/professional poker player Stephen Pierson waged a full frontal assault on the incumbent that was hyperfocused on Levin’s relationship with his former boss/disgraced Assemblyman/defeated City Council candidate Vito Lopez. But as anyone who has had the misfortune of working for a schmuck knows, that doesn’t make you one too – and the electorate agreed handing Levin a victory on Tuesday night.

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Video: Karl Catches Up With Steve Levin On Primary Day

Karl Junkersfeld talks to NYC Councilmember Steve Levin (D33) on Primary Day. Watch after the jump.

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Open Thread: #StevieWonders Sh*t Just Got Real In The Battle For the 33rd NYC Council District

Tuesday (9/10) is primary day. And just like monkeys locked in a cage for just a little too long the candidates in NYC Council D33’s Democratic primary are starting to fling some poop. Yes, we said poop. Hey.. they both went to Brown. (Insert groan here.)

This is an open thread, so comment away! Here’s some tweets from the candidates to get you talkin':

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BHB Reader Endorsement: Stephen Pierson In NYC Council District 33

The readers of Brooklyn Heights Blog have spoken – they’re backing challenger/ Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Pierson in the NYC Council D33 Democratic primary. This is the second time, BHB readers have chosen to endorse an opponent of (now incumbent) Steve Levin. Four years ago they chose another Brooklyn Heights resident, Doug Biviano, as their […]

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Dirty Stack? NY Post Reveals D33 City Council Candidate Stephen Pierson’s IRS Issue

You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the tax code wind blows – it’s confusing and totally ponderous for many. But if you’re Stephen Pierson running for NYC Council and throwing barbs at your opponent, incumbent Stephen Levin, for financial misdeeds this item in today’s NY Post cannot be helping the things.

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BHB Reader Endorsement Poll: NYC Council District 33

Since we started Brooklyn Heights Blog, our policy has been to not endorse candidates. We, of course, reserve the right to be bloggers – insightful and sometimes snarky – but not to unilaterally decide which candidates deserve the backing of the BHB community. That’s up to you!

While some have decided to NOT endorse anyone in this race (we’re looking at you New Kings Democrats!), BHB readers will be backing either Levin or Pierson when all is said and done.

Poll closes on 8/31/13 at 11:59pm.

Vote after the jump.

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This Online Video Backing Stephen Pierson Will Have You Shaking Your Head

Political ads are not exactly known for their subtleness, accuracy or artistic quality. Sure, you communications majors will shoutback – GOLDWATER DAISY AD MAAAN!

While some of you may utter the phrase “in your heart you know he’s right” while watching this “viral” video for NYC Council D33 Democratic candidate Stephen Pierson, you have to agree that it’s pretty darn wacky.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Guest Post: Stephen Pierson, Democratic Candidate NYC Council District 33

Proactive measures rarely make for a rousing stump speech. As a result, New York City’s elected officials have an unfortunate habit of not addressing problems until they reach a crisis point. But without proactive measures, our district will continue staggering from crisis to crisis. As we’ve seen with our libraries, hospitals, flood preparedness, and environmental issues (e.g., Newtown Creek and the Gowanus Canal), ignoring simmering problems doesn’t prevent them from boiling.

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