BHB Reader Endorsement: Stephen Pierson In NYC Council District 33

The readers of Brooklyn Heights Blog have spoken – they’re backing challenger/ Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Pierson in the NYC Council D33 Democratic primary.

This is the second time, BHB readers have chosen to endorse an opponent of (now incumbent) Steve Levin. Four years ago they chose another Brooklyn Heights resident, Doug Biviano, as their choice in the “Herd for the 33rd”.

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This time around, the “Stevie Wonders“, have thrown barbs at each other based upon finances and other issues. The tip of Pierson’s spear has been Levin’s relationship with disgraced NYS Assembly member (and now council candidate) Vito Lopez. The key endorsements announced by Pierson last month were led by a list of those firmly in the anti-Lopez camp: Pierson’s advisor Chris Owens, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Democratic State Committeewoman Jo Anne Simon and New Kings Democrats President Alex Low.

The final results:

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Watch video of the Pierson-Levin debate now.

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  • marshasrimler

    This is interesting.. so.. Doug lost to Stephen Levin and so will Pierson. Stephen Levin has worked hard to represent all of us well and deserves re-election

  • Roberto

    We’re hoping that the winning Steve will put a brake on the sell-off of our public institutions (libraries, firehouses, schools, parks, hospitals) with the consequent erasure of public services. Reckless waivers of the NYC Noise Code that allow after-hours construction should be reversed. Confronting the culture of a city that never sleeps and suffers from respiratory diseases (COPD, for example) is absolutely necessary.

  • bklyn20

    Update: Chris Owens is no longer Pierson’s advisor, and has not been for several weeks. I was very surprised when he (Chris) threw in with Pierson, and am pleased that he is now working for Stringer. Have a look at Chris Owens’ Facebook page. He decided to get a real job.

  • Question guy

    We’re there even a lot of votes on this, BHB??

  • BrooklynBugle

    Yes. Over 700.

  • Question guy

    Ah, ok. Big poll.

  • John Lennon

    I would vote for Roberto for public office, at any post.

  • bklyn20

    Pierson’s attack on Levin is all Vito, all the time. Whatever funding Levin passed in the council involving Vito-related projects was also supported by the Brooklyn Delegation, correct? Levin got all the proper utilities together when Willow Place had multiple explosions several Januaries ago, and we got a fully repaired street. Levin got funds for PS8 and MS 8. He is the best local politician on attempting to keep private housing out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    Pierson missed how many local elections, and he wants to represent us?


  • Jason Kidd

    Steve Pierson: Please deal me another card…please?

  • Jason Kidd

    Can I have another card, please…..

  • Jorale-man

    To state the obvious, this is a non-scientific poll and there’s no attempt at a wide sampling of local residents. That’s not the BHB’s fault – it should just serve to emphasize that these need to be taken with a certain grain of salt.

  • davoyager

    Mr. Levin has worked hard for this district, has been responsive to local concerns, has held votes by the community on the distribution of funds and does deserve another term. His election removed the Yassky roadblock to the new middle school MS 8 and allowed that project to succeed; and for that alone he will get my vote.

  • gerrymander

    Did anyone else get a robocall survey on this race Tuesday evening? Interesting that someone thinks this race is competitive

  • marshasrimler

    i did

  • gbkm

    It’s a shame that some people will choose to bestow their endorsement upon a candidate not because they think that candidate is the best man for the job but rather because they have a bone to pick with someone who isn’t even running in the race. Endorsements that are motivated by revenge mean nothing. Steve Levin has done a very good job & does not deserve to be fired. He has my vote.

  • gbkm

    I know the poll did not count a vote & then prevent the person from voting again because I voted & then my wife voted on the same computer a moment after I did and it went through. I could have cast my vote 100 times if I wanted to & the poll would have let me. So I don’t believe you had 700 different people or that the majority of the people you did have voted for Pierson.

  • gbkm

    The poll allowed multiple votes so that 700 could have been the same 10 people voting repeatedly.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Incorrect. One vote per ip regardless of your perception.

  • Marathoner

    Levin has done a remarkable job and has earned another term – he’s been an exemplary rep and has much potential to continue to rise in city politics

    The one-trick pony that attacks him on a moot issue has no standing, has no track record to compare to Levin and is standing only on a house of cards

    Levin is the only Steve we need

  • MonroeOrange

    ouch gbkm….sounds like you should get your facts straight before attacking the integrity of BHB polls!

  • jen

    hard to decide which mafia like strong man to vote for. which one will get me what I want and inflict pain on those I detest while claiming the moral high ground. no different than mafia run neighborhoods except these thugs have college degrees. sigh.

  • John Lennon