It’s Biv – BHB Readers Endorse Biviano in NYC Council District 33 Democratic Primary

doug_2661You, the  BHB Readers have spoken – neighborhood resident Doug Biviano is your choice in Tuesday’s (9/15) NYC Council D-33 Democratic primary beating opponent Steve Levin by 2 percentage points.

It’s been a long strange trip so far for Biviano who has made his mark in the Herd for the 33rd by speaking his mind and causing more than his far share of controversy.  However, his boldness and his “open door” policy – embodied by his “Main Street’ campaign office at 89 Montague Street – appears to have struck a responsive chord with BHB Readers.

The Progressive Democrat was endorsed yesterday by his mentor and progressive thought leader  Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).   Kucinich told the crowd gathered at Biviano HQ that, “You’ve got a great candidate” and that “His drive, his honesty, his integrity, his willing to stand up for the public interest make him exactly the kind of person who is needed not only in Brooklyn in the City Council, but we need Doug Bivianos in City Councils all over the country.”

Congratulations to Doug Biviano, the BHB Reader’s Endorsement for NYC Council District 33 in the Democratic Primary. The results and The Homer Fink Show with Doug Biviano after the jump.

Here’s the final rundown:

  1. Doug Biviano    190      34%
  2. Steve Levin       176      32%
  3. Evan Thies         136      25%
  4. Joanne Simon    22         4%
  5. Ken Diamondstone 9 2%
  6. Undecided                 7    1%
  7. Isaac Abraham        6    1%
  8. Ken Baer                     4    1%
  9. Other answer…         1   0%
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  • The Where

    Prediction – If Isaac Abraham comes out for Biv tomorrow, and mobilizes his supporters Doug will win it all.

  • Burger

    Steve I believe you can catch up with Doug in the next 2 days

    After all its just a 2% lead
    (you can contact BHB to get the names of those 7 undecided voters and you are almost there)

    Run Steve Run!!!

  • Jerry

    This is excellent news. I’ll reiterate here that after much scrutiny of this field I decided yesterday to support Doug Biviano. He’s run a hard campaign from the outside, and he’s shown an ability to think clearly about what’s important for our community. He’s exhibited a consistent awareness of the real machinations of politics. His criticisms of his opponents have been legitimate if sometimes overdrawn for dramatic effect.

    But overall I’ve been impressed more than anything with his political instincts. I think he’ll be a valuable asset for our neighborhoods in City Council debates – particularly with difficult budget negotiations to come.

    I was proud to be a late supporter of Doug’s in this poll, and I look forward to supporting him for real on Tuesday. I encourage everyone else here to do the same.

  • Laura Mardiks

    I have been a supporter of Doug’s throughout this campaign. Doug is an honest, smart and thoughtful person who will do an incredible job representing us at City Hall. He is the only candidate with children in public school. We will finally have a real advocate looking out for the public school families in this district. Thanks to Doug for working so hard! Gov Biv!!!

  • promenade

    well, I just met this guy today as he was toodling around Montague “park”, and he stopped to chat…wasn’t that impressed – am I the only one who thinks that he doesn’t have it all upstairs?

  • Jose Uribe

    None of these guys care about anything but their own egos and political “careers”. There should be some requirement that people actually accomplish something in life before they run for office. See Bloomberg and Giuliani — the only two decent politicians this city has had in the last 25 yrs.

  • the banned

    The contest is between Levin and Simon. Levin has Shumer’s endorsement, Simon the NY Times. Will there be enough Park Slope/Brooklyn Heights gentry votes to counterbalance the Williamsburg Satmar vote? That is the question that I am looking forward to discovering on Wednesday.

    By the way, this week’s brooklyn paper has an excellent piece about Vito Lopez and the new public housing development proposed for Williamsburg where the hasidim will be favored as tenants. Levin is Lopez’s creature, in case you were wondering how the block vote in W’burg is going to go.

  • nabeguy

    So TB, are you saying that the hasidim don’t cast votes, they buy them?

  • the banned

    people vote with their own best interests in mind.
    nothing wrong w/ that.
    why would the satmar vote for someone who would not advance their interests?

  • Andrew Porter

    Fred Richmond and Abe Gerges are apparently sitting this one out.

  • nabegirl

    I think Levin, Simon and Theis are going to cancel each other out and Biviano is going to come out on top.

  • The Where

    Simon is only a choice for the dwindling number of old school Brooklyn Heights brahmin. Their time and their influence is over.

  • Bring ’em back

    nabegirl, your assessment is spot on. No matter what your opinion of him, I think Biviano suddenly looks like the savviest politician in the group, and he should get some credit for successfully framing the frontrunner candidates into two buckets, the Biviano bucket, and the Theis/Levin/Simon bucket where everyone is interchangeable. It may be too late to for any of them to reverse that perception.

  • sue

    Considering what a wacko Kucinich is, that certainly won’t make me want to vote for him. It’s like seeing Al Sharpton in John Liu’s ads.

  • nabegirl

    sue – you sound like a very simple person.

  • sue

    nabegirl-you sound like a very silly person.

  • The Where

    Sue you are a typical Brooklyn Heights brahmin.

  • sue

    Where: SO far off the mark! Why, people can’t have a different opinion with out being labeled? Where is the tolerance???? This is why Brooklyn Heights is in the state its in.

  • Cranberry Beret

    New York?

  • nabe girl

    @sue – I don’t think the term “wacko” is appropriate to describe a highly respected member of congress. Kucinich is a progressive Democrat. This country was build by people who thought like he does – a bit out of the mainstream. I’m all for having a difference of opinion if said opinion has some respectability backing it.

  • Old School

    Once the polls close, come join other BH brahmin and members of the Ihpetonga Society in our secret Casino antechamber as we stuff ballot boxes and rig results. Come Wednesday, Biv will be working Montague Street as part of the Ready, Willing and Able Doe Fund. That’s what he gets for defacing a BH sidewalk with colored chalk!

  • nabeguy

    Time to stop bickering and start voting. And TW, I personally prefer the brahmin to your bull.

  • davoyager

    I’m so tired of Chuck Schumer and the Democratic machine picking some wonderkid from somewhere, anywhere, and ploping them down in our district on their way to higher office. Yassky didn’t work out so good and this new kid straight out of a New Jersey highschool also has no rooted understanding of the parts of Brooklyn making up district 33. We need representation, we don’t need to be a proving ground for new talent.

  • Jose Uribe

    You are all a bunch of losers

  • nancy

    Right on Nabeguy!