Montague SummerSpace Launches

BHB photo by Chuck Taylor

BHB photo by Chuck Taylor

There were noshes from Montague Street restaurants and opera to launch this year’s first SummerSpace Sunday.  The no cars allowed,  chairs and tables in the street fun continues for the next two Sundays.  Details at the Montague BID website.

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  • matt

    Looks completely empty.

    Way to wait until mid-September for “Summer Space”, Montague Street BID! Also, smart to pick the start of football season, to boot! Brilliant all around!

    Is it any wonder the Montague Street is a desolate mess of vacant storefronts?

  • x

    Most of the crowds were at the Book Festival/Fair by Boro Hall!

    Maybe when they have a real street fair on Montague, would they attract more patrons.

    No one is going to sit there when there are plenty of benches on the Promenade with a nicer view.

  • nabeguy

    I have to admit, it was pretty lame. A small smattering of tiny bistro tables spread 15 feet apart over a two block area doesn’t exactly foster a sense of community. Better they had picnic tables where people could sit down and interact and perhaps share some take-out food.

  • Gualtier Malde

    Obviously neither of you were there at 1 pm. There were beautiful sounds on Montague and Henry street – a new opera company was performing scenes from different operas.
    I never thought I would say this about opera, but i really enjoyed it. They said they might come back next Sunday – I really hope they do.
    But, my favorite part was the donkey that run around during one of their scenes.

  • yo

    looks like a blast