Open Thread: #StevieWonders Sh*t Just Got Real In The Battle For the 33rd NYC Council District

Tuesday (9/10) is primary day. And just like monkeys locked in a cage for just a little too long the candidates in NYC Council D33’s Democratic primary are starting to fling some poop. Yes, we said poop. Hey.. they both went to Brown. (Insert groan here.)

This is an open thread, so comment away! Here’s some tweets from the candidates to get you talkin':

More tweets here

And over the weekend Pierson’s campaign sent out this totally awesome presser featuring the wackiest and most Vito hatin-est candidate from 2009’s Herd for the 33rd Isaac Abraham:

Councilman Steve Levin Disrupts the Sabbath with Robo Calls for Hynes

Today, Saturday at about 4:32 PM massive robo calls from Councilman Steve Levin started to ring in the Jewish Community of Williamsburg informing the receiver that he is endorsing District Attorney Joe Hynes and asking that the caller do the same, interrupting the piece of the Sabbath and showing no sensitivity to the Jewish Community that he claims he knows and represents.

“It was shocking to hear the phone ring at 4:32 PM today with the voice of Councilman Levin doing a campaign pitch for Hynes during the time we all sat with family members at the family enjoying the Sabbath meal (the first Sabbath of the year in the Jewish calendar) as well as just finishing the High Holy days of Rosh Hashanah”. Said Isaac Abraham, a Williamsburg community leader.

“The chutzpah and audacity of Councilman Levin also showed no sensitivity to his Jewish constitutions by disrupting the Sabbath with campaign robo calls, most elected officials running for office canceled all campaigns that would have included the Jewish Community until tonight, we hope that Hynes had no knowledge about his calls coming during the Sabbath”. continued Mr. Abraham

An apology from Levin is not necessary because he should have known better as the Councilman for the community, but Mr. Hynes should let the Jewish Community know that he had nothing to do with the call or the timing.

Photo via Greenpointers

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I met Steve Levin outside PS 8 and asked for a comment on why we, in Brooklyn Heights, should vote for him:

    If jumpy try YouTube:

  • David on Middagh

    To quote Steve Levin’s tweet: “@pierson4council – Positive mailers: 3, negative mailers: 4. Steve Levin – Positive mailers: 6, negative mailers: 0″

    Okay, Levin’s mailers have been “positive”. (And I think I’ve received all six at least once!) I’ll probably vote for him.

    But what is the Norm in Mailers?