Anne Hathaway Puts DUMBO Apartment On The Block But Is It A Better Deal Than Karl’s Krib?

Our Karl Junkersfeld observes:

Anne Hathaway is putting her cozy DUMBO $4.5 MM apartment, at One Main Street, up for sale. Judging from the pictures it is a very fine space indeed. It is comprised of 2592 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a home office and the views are amazing. Of course all of us are not in the financial position to bid on such a luxury apartment but there are apartments nearby that are inhabited at a reasonable price thanks to New York’s rent stabilization laws. Fortunately, these laws allow folks, who can’t pony up a million plus dollars, a way to afford one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for a fraction of the cost (as in the video above!).

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  • Rufus

    Very nice place! What’s the name of your cabinet maker? Great job.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    The company was called Elite Woodworking. They did the work for me a few of years ago so I don’t know their present status. Here is a link I found:

  • ltap917

    It’s lovely!

  • Bloomy

    Great looking apartment Karl. Wish I could find a place that cheap. My building got bought, and I am having to move from BH soon due to the crazy expensive prices. Any advice on finding a rent subsidized apartment in the area?