Security! Mobilize!! Lhota Fears For His Safety In Brooklyn Heights If De Blasio Becomes Mayor

Politicker reports that GOP mayoral candidate/ Brooklyn Heights resident Joe Lhota fears that crime will skyrocket everywhere in the city if his opponent Bill de Blasio is elected in November. Asked whether he would fear for his own safety in and around his posh Pierrepont Street digs he replied, “Abosolutely”.

Politicker: Speaking at a press conference this morning, Mr. Lhota highlighted a relatively small sample to make his point: a 28-day report noting eight shootings, five rapes and 57 robberies occurred in Flatbush’s 67th precinct, all up from a year ago. Mr. Lhota argued Bill de Blasio’s support of City Council legislation designed to curtail the police’s controversial stop-and-frisk would only make things worse.

“We’ve been now through two debates, several quiet weeks for Mr. de Blasio and not once has there been a policy that he’s offered that would keep New Yorkers safe,” Mr. Lhota charged. “A lot of ideas are pie in the sky but not one that deals directly with public safety.”

One thing is for sure, if Joe decides to ride a bike regularly the nabe’s outlaw posse will most definitely rise by one.

Publisher’s note: The headline is inspired by The Fall’s ‘Lie Dream of a Casino Soul’. We know at least three BHB readers will get the reference.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Many GOP candidates run on the fear platform (thinly disguised as “law and order”. Remember when Giuliani was arguing his final term should be extended because no one else could be trusted to run the city in crisis? It sounds laughable now, but he was serious. This is similar fear mongering.

  • American People

    As a registered Democrat who remembers what went on in this city back in the 70s 80s and 90s I shudder to think what will happen to this city if New Yorkers elected the “progressive” DeBlasio (Warren Wilhelm Jr).
    First and foremost, DeBlasio will end “stop-and-frisk”. What does this mean? Well, it means that as of next January the thugs (of all races!) go back to carrying guns, because they lose the fear of stop-and-frisk that brought the murder and armed mugging rates down. Make no mistake, the end of stop-and-frisk means a return to 1970’s and 1980’s style muggings (which will hit minority and poor communities hardest, but will also affect ALL of us as we and our loved ones face ubiquitous armed crime again, if Chas Veshalom DeBlasio is elected.
    Then there is the subject of the divided city we USED TO HAVE before Giuliani brought the law abiding citizens of all races and backgrounds together. I.E. Before Giuliani – that is under Dinkins DeBlasio, we had the anti-Asian Boycotts of 1990, the anti-Jewish riots of 1991 (which Governor Cuomo’s Girgenti report calls the worst anti-Jewish rioting in US history, and the riots in Washington Heights in 1992 when Latino citizens were victimized while the Dinkins DeBlasio progressives coddled drug dealers and rioters, leaving the Latino community at the mercy of thugs and rioters.
    The bottom line is that we HAD a divided city full of violence BACK when DeBlasio Dinkins progressives were in charge. Because the DeBlasio “progressives” make excuses for crime, riots and boycotts instead of recognizng that the rioters and criminals are NOT representative.
    I am voting for Lhota, because I saw what happened to this city when the progressives ran it.
    It was broken and divided, when the progressives ran things.
    And the Giuliani Lhota style not only made us safer, it also ended the era of “progressive” muggings of us law abiding citizens, of all races.

  • Fearing the Future

    Registered, liberal Democrat here and I couldn’t agree with you more. DeBlasio is an empty suit.

  • Joe A

    Ridiculous. The desperation of the right is palpable in their over the top, screeching, fear mongering. Vote for my guy or the world will come to an end!. Do you really think that will work for you? Do you really think that New Yorkers are so stupid as to believe that voting for a progressive will cause our loved ones to face ubiquitous armed crime again?

    And don’t think we missed the subtle racist undertones to this sort of garbage. Shame on Lhota and his supporters for slithering around in the gutter and trying to scare voters.

    I suspect DeBlasio will win in a landslide partially as a rebuke to this type of campaigning.

  • petercow

    “Stop and Frisk” is coming to an end no matter who the mayor is. It’ been found to be un-constitutional.