5 Reasons Why Stephen Pierson Lost To Steve Levin In Council D33 Democratic Primary

While Brooklyn Heights resident/ City Council hopeful Stephen Pierson might be blaming voter fraud for his resounding 40 point loss to incumbent Steve Levin in NYC Council D33’s Democratic primary we thought it would be a good time to list the 5 real reasons we think his bid went down in flames.

Here they are:

1) Nobody really cares about Vito Lopez. Why? MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS. So, basing an entire campaign on ‘Levin is Vito’s guy he is bad’ is like going to a Star Wars convention and asking everyone to stop supporting the franchise because you feel that Salacious B.Crumb got a raw deal.

2) And if you do know who Vito Lopez is and you’re aware of his misconduct and you’re old enough to remember Meade Esposito, Donald Manes or Carmine DeSapio you’ll find the Pierson campaign’s outrage kinda cute.*

3) We didn’t see him go to jail over LICH. Whether you think it was a PR stunt or not, DiBlasio and Levin walked the walk and rode the wagon to save the hospital.

4) In an election, if you spend most of your time making accusations the other guy is a crook and little or no time telling the public who you are and what you’re going to do then you’ve already lost.

5) If one of the last minute “surprises” your campaign has about your opponent is “HE MADE ROBOCALLS ON THE SABBATH” then you have totally run out of material and more importantly reasons for anyone to vote for YOU.

* Note: We’re pretty sure Vito Lopez is a schmuck and the many things he’s been accused of are no joke. However harping on a possible transference of said schmuckiness to a guy who worked for the schmuck is well, schmucky.

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  • wally haskell

    Steven Pierson needs to find a game other than politics. Maybe poker.

  • Jerry

    But you are so wrong. Levin is poison fruit straight from The Vito Lopez vine. Their whole shtick is pretending to be Robin Hoods to the misbegotten, but they are just crooks making developers rich. theyve been at the forefront of gentrifying north Brooklyn into oblivion for a decade. These are the people that make it so that only property owners can afford to stay and renters are disposable. unless you are already in the projects and they need your vote, or are a super wealthy development firm, they will discard you as useless to their operation of pay to play new Brooklyn.

  • Montague

    this post is nonsensical, inaccurate, and just plain awful.

  • Bored on boerum

    Pierson’s quote about voter fraud is that he does NOT blame that for his loss.

  • Jazz

    The man’s campaign was a clown car filled with freaks. Nydia? Where are the woman’s EYEBROWS?

  • bklyn20

    Jerry, are you familiar with Brooklyn Heights? Vito Lopez’s behavior is loathsome . Steve Levin is not Vito, even if he used to work for him. Steve Levin is also the politician who stands most stoically against private housing in BBP — that doesn’t endear him to developers. He gave money to PS 8, and made MS 8 possible. I can’t speak for Williamsburg, but isn’t most of the funding that Vito supported supported by the rest of the Brooklyn City Council Members? IIf so, tar and feather them with Vito’s brush, too.


  • marshasrimler

    Now that Stephen Levin has had an overwhelming win and has earned it on his own I hope the Stephen haters will give it up.. Joan Millman and Senator Montgomery made the right call in endorsing him.
    Congresswoman Velasquez and District Leaders Simon and Owens did not. Can we all put this behind us and work together on behalf of our community.
    This endless bickering is not in the greater interest.

  • bklyn20

    Thanks, Marsha, you’re right.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Although I was disappointed by Nydia Velasquez’s endorsement of Stephen Pierson, I have too much respect for her to criticize her eyebrows.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Here’s another reason: the man makes his living disreputably as a gambler.

  • Hardly shocking

    Please, let’s not expect fairness, integrity, or honesty fom the blog that reported Levins endorsements with the headline “Levin gets key endorsements” and Piersons endorsements with “pretzel logic.” BHB gave up pretending to have any shred of journalistic standards a long time ago.

  • BrooklynBugle

    You are funny. This is a blog. Get a clue.

  • skunky

    are you suggesting that Levin should never face a primary challenge?

  • wally haskell

    Have a Coke, or a Pepsi with that cheeseburger.

  • skunky

    as opposed to someone making their living being a politician? I’ll take the gambler any day.

  • marshasrimler

    of course not

  • MonroeOrange

    Marsha, for all your pro Levin blabber…he better be there chained to the library preventing it from being razed…unless he does that, he’s just another politician saying what he had to get votes.

    PS. he beat a challenger who had no business in the election to begin with.

  • marshasrimler

    blabber.. that is not nice

  • hardlyshocking

    It’s a blog that thinks it’s OK to flat-out lie about what someone says and then never correct it. Case in point, Pierson specifically said he did NOT blame fraud for the loss and did NOT contest the result, and yet you think it’s just A-OK to make up a fake quote for kicks and giggles.

    And you tell me to get a clue?

  • MonroeOrange

    blabber means excessively…i would think as much time as you spend in the library you would know that…and im not sure why saying you speak excessively about the library is not nice.

  • MonroeOrange

    Hardly…get a clue…..

    and by that i mean the movie ‘Clue’….get it!

  • marshasrimler

    i know what it means and do not care to converse with you again..Your hostility is showing.

  • cat

    So now Homer Fink (with his bias) is the conscience of the BHBlog? And, if I am not mistaken, Vito Lopez was running for office (thankfully he lost), so I think Vito Lopez is not so long ago and far away as Mr. Fink would have us believe. (Unless, of course, one was actually born yesterday.) Oh, yes, speaking of Robocalls – whether on the Sabbath or not – there should be a law (oh, wait, I think there might be one) against using Robocalls to hassle your neighbors to the point that they don’t actually give a damn anymore and could care less who wins. Looking forward to the general election since we know how wonderful Mr. Lhota is just because he lives in Brooklyn Heights. Right; robocalls from all the parties. Can’t wait.

  • BrooklynBugle

    First – Homer is the publisher of this site so yes I am the “conscience” of the blog. I will stop 30 people on the street this Sunday at Montague Summerspace of all ages — I am pretty certain that no more than 5 will have a clue who Vito Lopez is.

  • cat

    I know who you are “Homer” and, as publisher you might try to be less biased if you want readers to believe topics are treated impartially. And, when you question people this Sunday, ask them if they voted in the primary – or, vote at all.

  • BrooklynBugle

    A good candidate would inspire those not usually inclined to vote and to disrupt the status quo. Anyone who was paying attention during the 2008 race (and you are a long time commenter so I think you were) remember the relentless jabbing we gave Levin.

    As for bloggers who are really “in the tank” — you won’t see my name on this list but you will see another familiar name here: http://www.nyccfb.info/searchabledb/SimpleSearchResult.aspx?cand_id=1204&cand_name=Levin%2c+Stephen+T&election_cycle=2013

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    This is the new cat, not the same as the old cat. There was a regular reader who commented as “cat” for several years, up to 2011 when she and her family moved to Richmond, Virginia. This cat took the nic after the old cat left.

  • Marathoner

    I’m glad to see Levin win over this one-trick pony. Levin’s been out working hard for our district. SP only made empty promises about things Levin’s actually been working to deliver, like improving PS8 and making MS8 happen.

    Glad that Levin’s still our guy. Now, about that library…

  • MonroeOrange

    oh marsha, marsha, marsha!…if you think my comments were hostile, then every single one of yours has been,…anytime someone says something about the library you disagree with you berate them…you know, i was all for keeping the library, but bc of you, i could care less what they do to it now!