Steve Levin Trumps Stephen Pierson In NYC Council District 33

With 60.53% of the vote in NY1 projects Steve Levin as the winner in NYC Council District 33.
Stephen Levin (I)Dem 11,598 70.98%
Stephen Pierson Dem 4,742 29.02%
112 of 114 precincts reporting (98.25%)

What a long strange primary trip it was for Steve Levin in NYC Council District 33. Brooklyn Heights resident/challenger/ fellow Brown alum/professional poker player Stephen Pierson waged a full frontal assault on the incumbent that was hyperfocused on Levin’s relationship with his former boss/disgraced Assemblyman/defeated City Council candidate Vito Lopez. But as anyone who has had the misfortune of working for a schmuck knows, that doesn’t make you one too – and the electorate agreed handing Levin a victory on Tuesday night.

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  • wally haskell

    Congratulations, Steve Levin. I hope you get a good sleep tonight. You worried too much about poker face’s chances. You are the Man.

  • Lori

    For a newcomer who was basically unknown a few months ago I think Pierson did pretty well.

  • Scared (scarred?) voter

    Was anyone else harassed by a levin campaigner named Marcia? I had just voted at Borough Hall and refused to tell her whom i voted for for city council (it was in fact no vote for either candidate). She followed me several steps, yelling at me ‘how could a vote for that a hole Pierson’.
    I remain abhorred about this. Politics in this city has begun to disgust me.