GOP Has A Whole Lhota Love For Brooklyn Heights’ Own In Mayoral Primary

Get ready Park Slope there’s going to be a showdown in November. Brooklyn Heights resident/former MTA chief Joe Lhota won the Republican mayoral primary Tuesday and will faceoff against the Democratic nominee/Park Slope resident Bill DiBlasio in November.

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  • Rock E Fellar

    Hope Joe kicks tall Bill’s butt. He may need to either grow some hair or adopt an ethnic kid, but think he’ll get it done. Go Joe!!!!!

  • Ken

    Where was Joe when his own neighborhood’s hospital was almost euthanized? Did he ever even go to one rally for it in the dozens that took place over the 8 mths fight? Did he do anything at all to help save LICH?

  • petercow

    He might also want to brush up on the Constitution. Remember when Giuliani sent Lhota to try to strip the Brooklyn Museum of its funding, because a painting offended the sensibilities of the serial adulterer?

  • Tokeville

    In that regard, Lhota has done something politicians almost never do — admit he made a mistake. Sure he was working for someone else’s administration, so it really wasn’t his mistake to begin with, but he said he regretted it, despite being personally bothered by the art. He didn’t try to split hairs and distinguish his actions. He didn’t make excuses, etc. This sort of maturity actually made me like him more. I wish more pols behaved like this. (Mario Cuomo used to be like this early when he was governor.)

  • wally haskell

    Mark Green claimed that our local boy Joe L. recently took a lot of money from the infamous Koch brothers for his mayoral campaign. The GOP billionaires who own the country’s second largest private business, and are very right-wing. Deregulation is their cry. They are big-gas guys who don’t want to pay any taxes.

    No wonder you didn’t see Joe L. picketing to save LICH. Up for the rich, down with everyone else. $$$$$$