This Online Video Backing Stephen Pierson Will Have You Shaking Your Head

Political ads are not exactly known for their subtleness, accuracy or artistic quality. Sure, you communications majors will shoutback – GOLDWATER DAISY AD MAAAN!

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While some of you may utter the phrase “in your heart you know he’s right” while watching this “viral” video for NYC Council D33 Democratic candidate Stephen Pierson, you have to agree that it’s pretty darn wacky.

No word on if this clip is officially sanctioned by Pierson’s campaign.

Update: Michael Ambler, field director for Pierson’s campaign, tells BHB “This is the first time we’ve seen this… whatever it is. While none of us are sure what we just saw, we can appreciate the enthusiasm.”

Watch video of Levin and Pierson’s debate here.

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  • marshasrimler


  • Truth shall set you free

    Because he didn’t help send $7mm to Vito Lopez’s corrupt (federally investigated and sanctioned 6? 7? Times) non profit? Taxpayer $$!

  • marshasrimler

    and what has he done..also you distort the facts for your benefit

  • marshasrimler

    This is getting old..Vito is running in another district. Be an adult and go after him there

  • Truth shall set you free

    No need to make personal attacks, please. Facts are Levin represents this district. Levin sent our district $ to RBSCC. So that makes me concerned about Levin. That money could have done a lot of good here.

  • Sgt Slaughter

    Pierson has made this entire election about personal attacks. His statements on funding etc show a complete lack of understanding of how the budget process works. When pressed last night at the debate about the claim re how his position was verified by an “independent investigator” he refused to say who that person was. He was asked directly but he wouldnt say. Maybe the Brookyn Heights Blog can ask? I think he lied and that person doesn’t exist.

  • Truth shall set you free

    I’m referring to personal attacks on the message boards. The candidates are welcome to have at it!