Help Meagan Find A Good Slice In Brooklyn Heights

Pace University student @meaganrosem tweeted tonight searching for the best pizza in Brooklyn Heights. As anyone knows, that’s a totally loaded question. We directed her to our last Best Pizza Open Thread but that was over a year ago. Has anything changed? Come on, help her find a slice of heaven! Comment away!

And who can forget this Comment of the Week about pizza (RIP xtranormal)

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Julianna’s number one and Table 87 on Atlantic a close second for Heights Pizza. If willing to walk to 575 Henry in Carroll Gardens then Lucali is the best of the best.

  • The truth shall set you free

    Is Grimaldi’s overrated do you think? Certainly a lot of good pizza options in this neighborhood. Luckily!

  • Judy

    Monty’s on Montague street. Lots of options. Their grandma slice is amazing!

  • Lori

    And there’s always Fascati – I still like their pizza.

  • jeffk

    I think Fascati makes the best classic “New York slice” pizza in the neighborhood … but you have to buy whole pies. Individual slices lose a lot of their character when they’re reheated—the cheese re-melts and gets mooshy and the crust gets to crispy. (They’re also probably still closed for August.)

  • HenryLoL

    The only place for a good slice is Fascati – though the pizza has been a little dry lately. If you are going to sit down for a pie, I think the order is Julianna, Grimaldi, and Ignazzio (square pie only). Dellarocco on Hicks is great once in a while – especially if you want a calzone.

  • Hicksandthrope

    Juliana’s gets my vote for fancy pizza. Fascati gets my vote for a regular slice

  • HicksOnHicks

    You’re all whacked. My Little Pizzeria is the best BH pizza.

  • jeffk

    I’ve used them in a pinch, but … nah. Their pepperoni literally has no flavor. I mean, they’re better than Papa John’s, but they aren’t really in the conversation with these other places.

  • Terry

    For a “standard” New York slice, I think Monty Q’s is not particularly good. I do like Fascati’s and My Little Pizzeria (and to a much lesser extent, Wi-Pie) for that.
    For thin crust New York pizza, Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s are great. Ignazio’s is good (perhaps under-rated.) Table 87 is ok, but not great.
    For thin “neapolitan”-style pizza, Dellarocco’s and Sottocasa are good choices.

  • jeffk

    Side note: If you find yourself over in Fort Greene, Graziella’s probably makes my favorite pie in all of Brooklyn.

  • Heightsman

    Fascati will always be the best slice shop in BH but agree that ideally you have to order a whole pie with extra cheese to get the Fascati pizza that the old man made back in the day. They have gotten too cheap on the cheese these days so in order to get the old school Fascati you need the extra cheese.

  • The All Knowing One

    As a lifelong Brooklynite, living in the Heights for over thirty years, I have to say that there is simply no place now where one can get a decent slice of pizza. At the very least go to southern Brooklyn, not South Brooklyn, but southern Brooklyn. There you MIGHT have a chance. Same goes for a decent bagel – good ones only exist in the dear dead past.

    Today’s fare simply cannot compare to what you could get in Years ago. Sorry youngsters, but you cannot judge because you would need a time machine in order to make the comparison . Perhaps you can hope against hope that the future will produce a better slice than exists now, but food and ingredients are over processed and un-natural in the present time.

  • Moni

    Fascati used to be excellent, but those days are long in the past. It’s popularity is more due to former reputation and loyalty than to taste. Whether or not jeffk likes their pepperoni (not a priority for me) My Little Pizzeria on Court St. has the best pie now for overall quality of crust & cheese. They’re generous with veggie toppings and they will oblige if you want your pie well done, too, nice & browned on the bottom.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Fascati’s for straight-up, NYC style pizza. Ingredients are certainly fresh at Grimaldi’s, I need to try Julianna’s.

  • Peter Loibl

    Expanding the neighborhood boundaries a bit here … Table 87 is awesome (especially when you spread some of that roasted garlic from the jars on your slice), but Sam’s on Court Street is still the top dog in my book. Old man cooks it himself and the taste is second to none.

    My underdog slice spot is actually Front Street pizza in Dumbo, which I find superior to an ever-declning Fascati.

    Haven’t tried Juliana’s yet, but it’s on my to-do list. I also found Dellarocco’s on Hick’s street to be VERY good as well (their mozzarella and olive oil are of high quality).

  • Heights Neighbor

    Julianas is fabulous! Agreed that Fascatis is good traditional NYC pizza.

  • Arch Stanton

    Fascati has come back a bit, I had a few decent slices there lately. Although, still not quite as good as Sal use to make them.

  • Jorale-man

    I just had Lucali the other night and it was excellent. The other draw is the atmosphere – very warm and authentic. Definitely worth the trip down to Carroll Gardens.

  • Jaime Lutz from Brooklyn Paper

    Table 87 is the best pizza I’ve had in Brooklyn (better than Best Pizza, Paulie Gee’s, Anna Maria, Triangolo… yes, I do live in North Brooklyn, why do you ask?). I work in Downtown Brooklyn, though, so now I plan to try all of these, thanks guys.

  • Weegee

    That’s good to know; I never thought any of their recent offerings compare to what I remember of their output in the 80s and 90s.

  • 2slices


  • Still Here

    Julianna’s number one high tech coal pizza, Ignazio’s best inventive Brooklyn thin crust pizza, and Fascati is the best slice shop.

  • Still Here

    Agree…Julianna’s better.

  • ltap917

    Fascati’s used to be good before they started using inferior ingredients and dousing their pizzas with oregano.

  • ltap917

    Yes, Juliana’s! Excellent pizza and great service.

  • Arch Stanton

    They stopped the oregano thing.

  • Ann B Chapin

    NYC bagels do not exist in this area–sadly, as well as a REAL deli!!

  • Ann B Chapin

    I heard that they don’t do pizza anymore?? When I was a youngin Queens was the ONLY pizza in town. They didn’t even deliver to the Heights!!

  • Ann B Chapin

    is this the one just down the street?? MUST try!