Open Thread: The Best Pizza Pie In Brooklyn Heights

From Best Car Service to Best Handyman (which youse weren’t particularly willing to give up) to something a little more tasty…

What’s your bid for the Best Pizza in Brooklyn Heights? Digging the brand new Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn? Convinced that nothing beats Fascati Pizzeria? Wie-Pie on Remsen more to your tastes? Or do you swear by the culinary cardboard that is Jeno’s from the nabe Key Food? Taking all bids for the Best Pizza Pie in the Heights, BHB compatriots!

Please feel free to contribute ideas for future goods & services in this post.

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  • Porteño-in-BK

    In my opinion (and it probably is a little premature), but Dellarocco’s has my vote for the best pizza in BKH. I know that it is totally a “boutique” Napolitano style pie, but the food round these parts is a bit of a stinker overall, to tell the truth, I lost my mind when Hanco’s opened up. I know I am not the only one that feels this way.

    As far as regular slice joints go, I vote for Fascati, not even close Monty’s, not even close.

  • C.

    Can’t go wrong with Fascati or My Little Pizzeria. I prefer My Little Pizzeria most of the time. Their supreme slice is the best and is always on hand. Antonio’s was a big let down. It definitely is not the same recipe from when they were Tony’s Famous at Shake Shack.
    Haven’t tried Dellarocco’s yet so can’t comment on that. Grimaldi’s is of course the best in the area, despite what line snobs say. Looking forward to Juliana’s if it’s still happening. Monty’s is actually okay as long as you get a whole pie, never just a slice.

  • Hicks on Hicks

    Definitely the Supreme pie @ My Little Pizzeria

  • HenryLoL

    Ignazio’s for a sausage sicilian pie (awsome – even delivered) and Fascati for a plain pie — but only when fresh out of the oven. We still like Grimaldi’s, but the line has just gotten to be too much.

  • JoT

    For a different pie, my vote goes to Dellarocco’s Dellarocco white pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe. Great flavors, nice chewy crust. Traditional – Fascati’s plain pie. When Fascati’s is closed, My Little Pizzeria and their square pie is our back-up.

  • Cassie VonMontague

    My Little Pizzeria.

  • jeffk

    Fascati all the way for me, if we’re talking classic NYC pizza. August is the cruelest month.

    I’m surprised by all the love for My Little Pizzeria – to me, their pies taste like they came from a mall food court. I’ve never had pepperoni with so little flavor.

    Grimaldi’s is good but not really worth the long wait. As an alternative, head over to Fort Greene and hit Graziella’s.

  • Luke C

    Fascati’s by the slice – I just hope they pay all their staff during the August-long vacation! I still prefer Grimaldi’s pie, although their new space has zero personality. Was disappointed by an oily pie at Dellarocco’s, won’t be going back soon. Ignazio’s has the best space but the ingredients fall short. Gotta try My Little Pizzeria when I figure out where it is!

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Luke – My Little is on Court and State.

    My vote goes for Fascati by the slice, but I got the Vongola pie the other day at Dellarocco’s, and left a very, very happy man.

  • PBL

    Fascati’s for Brooklyn Heights, although I have noticed a slight decline in quality in recent years (still solid though).

    If we are expanding our area, Sam’s on Court Street in Cobble Hill is my undisputed champ: old school Brooklyn spot with gruff waiters and ridiculously good brick over pizza.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Both Fascati and My Little Pizzeria are solid delivery options – but the dining experience at Dellarocco’s is fantastic. Obviously that’s a different style of pizza: more European, not traditional “NY style.” If you like that, highly recommend Dellarocco.

  • Gerry

    My Little Pizzaria

  • Brian P. Cleary

    My Little Pizzeria, their supreme (which most places would call a GrandMa or a Rustic pie) is sublime. Their normal pie is excellent as well. If you’re looking for something less traditional, Pronto Pizza does fantastic deep dish specialty pies (BBQ or Buffalo Chicken, for example). Absolutely delicious.

  • gzo

    Dellarooco’s probably takes the crown but they are bit pricey. Tutt Cafe is still the best bang for the buck imho.

    Of course Grimalidi’s and Ignazio’s have those beat if you don’t mind the trek to DUMBO.

  • http://GoodForTheNabe! JOHN

    I love both Fascati & Ignazzio’s. Ignazzio’s meatballs & stuffed mushrooms are the best. Dellarocca is not good pizza & everything is too salty. Very noisy ambience.

  • Terry

    For a thin crust New York pizza, I still love Grimaldi’s and would put that up against any other pizza in terms of sheer deliciousness. (Lucali, while not in the heights technically, ranks a close second.)

    For a “standard” New York slice, I’d go for Fascati’s or My Little Pizzeria. (Wi-Pie isn’t awful, but isn’t as good.) MontyQ’s is not good at all.

    For the small neapolitan style pizza, Dellarocco’s was surprisingly good and I was also surprised by Sosta’s (on Atlantic) pie as well. Both were better than I was expecting from reviews. Also good (again, not in the heights, but close by) was Sottocasa. I actually find them all very similar and all very good.

  • Fritz


  • Anna B

    High end: Dellarocco’s

    Best slice: Fascati’s

  • http://none Janbird

    The new place, Dellarocco’s, is the best in Brooklyn Heights. They make their own delicious pizza dough. Many places buy the dough and do not make their own. Big mistake. It’s like choosing between Wonder white bread or bread from a good bakery like Balthazar. No comparison.

  • Still Here

    For brooklyn style pizza – Fascatis.
    For dumbo Pizza – Ignazzio’s – especially the bacon & avocado

  • Reggie

    On the subject of Sam’s (see PBL), I went there on an early date with the woman I would eventually marry, so that was circa 1984. We sat and we sat and we sat some more and after a half hour it became obvious that, for whatever reason, we were just never going to get served.

    Never been back, and I tell the story every chance I get. Yes, I can hold a grudge when I want to.

  • PBL

    Reggie, I can believe it! Service leaves a lot to be desired … but wow, that old man can cook a pizza!

  • pedro

    it’s fascati. not facati’s. also front st. in dumbo is good. ignazzio’s is garbage.

  • shamrock

    My vote goes for Fascati (Brooklyn style!). Hands-down, best slice when right out of the oven.

    And as far as Grimaldi’s, definitely great high-end pizza, but I wouldn’t be caught dead waiting in those endless lines (essentially all tourist).

    Looking forward to giving Dellarocco a try.

  • Quinn Raymond

    While Layla Jones is technically in Cobble HIll, their “Fast Eddie” pie is really quite excellent.

  • Rick

    OK, if geography is being stretched into Dumbo, then we can go in the opposite direction and include what I think is the best pizza in the area – at Sottocasa (on Atlantic Avenue near Smith). They deliver in Brooklyn Heights, and it arrives hot.

  • PiPPo

    Dellarocco is the closest thing you can get to real Italian pizza in BH. The only other place which beats it is Enoteca in Carrol Gardens.

    I am sorry to disappoint those who think that Frascati is the best pizza, but if you think so, it means you never had Italian pizza. My little Pizzeria is ok for american pizza.

    If you want real pizza in the city try:

    Numero 28 on Carmine street
    Luzzo on 12th Street

  • shamrock

    @PiPPo, I’m not so sure about Frascati either, but Fascati is excellent!

  • KG

    wow, gotta try My Little Pizzeria and Dellarocco!

    We’re not snobs: we like Ignacio’s, Fascati’s, Front Street, and (I can’t believe no one mentioned these!) Tutt Cafe and Bevacco. We eat Montanaro pizza like weekly; their Gorgonzola is also good.

    I’ve heard there’s yet another Italian/pizza place coming into the space recently vacated by Diva Salon on Henry Street.

  • philica

    Fascati all the way!!! Its the best… and probably longest running in BH. I remember grabbing a slice there on the way home from school (PS8)… good times…