Open Thread: Best Handyman Serving Brooklyn Heights

Last Thursday’s Open Thread on the Best Car Service serving Brooklyn Heights was an 8-cylinder success. We’ll keep this going every week from here on for as long as we—and you—come up with valuable goods & services that folks rely upon in the neighborhood.

Today: your recommendations for the Best Handyman… a guy (or gal) who can help out with those annoying little things that break in the apartment. Too small for a contractor, too big to DIY. Please share name, phone, where you found him and what he accomplished for you (and how much you paid, if you don’t mind).

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  • Naomi Weinberger

    I’d like to recommend Trevor Godwin 646-323-8938
    I’ve known him for about 19 years. In all the years I have known him, Trevor has done everything for us big and small:
    carpentry, design/build furniture
    brick pointing
    fixing practically everything
    building a shower
    hanging fixtures, paintings and mirrors
    etc etc etc
    He’s even cared for our pets, taken in our mail
    I trust him so much he has a key to my home!
    I’ve always found his pricing fair.

  • dog lover

    Curious how many will share there “secret” handyman. They are so hard to find and keep!

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    dog lover,
    So glad you mentioned that. I once asked a neighbor (on Long Island) where she got her hair cut and she all but refused to tell me.
    It was actually quite funny and to top it off, I knew this woman well.
    Anyway, very surprised at the lack of responses.
    I will be regrouting my bathroom and painting my own apartment because I cannot find anyone who wants to take on small jobs.
    I am getting too old for this!

  • AEB

    …but not sharing is a vote for the notion that more customers for said handyman will diminish his availability to oneself and/or perhaps compromise the quality of his work for oneself.

    Have people such little faith in the loyalty of those who work for us, especially if we’re instrumental in getting those people more work?

    I’m reminded of people who don’t share recipes lest they reveal “secrets.” But there are no secrets in cooking. There’s only aptitude, taste, technique and mechanical variables, like stove operation. I can follow your cake recipe to the letter and come up with something entirely different–in fact, it’s almost inevitable that I will.

  • Knight

    I live in the St. George Tower. We are lucky enough to have a great group of handymen on our permanent staff. Angel & Shane are our main handymen, and with the help of Nino, Ortega, Miguel, Luiz, and Loric, they keep our large (and old) building in great shape. Sorry, I can’t share them!

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    You are so fortunate!

  • DrewB

    Come on people. There have to be some more suggestions. Stop hoarding your handyman!

  • Still Here

    This is not as easy as it appears. In many coops a handyman must be an insured contractor or tradesman and subject to coop rules, making them ‘less’ handy.

    When you get to favorite contractors, I can then name some.

  • Gerry

    It is NOT:

    T. Politis,
    R. Younger or
    J. Mollihan

    These dopes have been around Montague Terrace for a long time call themselves handyman or superintendents a bunch of inept jerks

  • vwkab

    Still Here! Who are your favorite contractors?

  • Still Here

    Luan Hoxha – interior work – does all my apartment work – painting to gut renovation. Good crew, neat, excellent tile work, competitively priced, and correct insurance. 917-217-8741.

    (Nermal) Kang Construction company – Commercial – Exterior – pointing (excellent), Stucco, roof, and interior plaster/painting. Good crew, neat, competitively priced, and correct insurance. Weekday and weekends 917-680-2276.

    Louis Alba – 917-515-8757 – not sure what his company is called these days; have used Louis’ crew several times on interior painting & flooring – commercial projects, fast and efficient and correct insurance.

  • Allison Davis

    Wow Naomi sounds like you have a real keeper!!
    Its definitely a must to have someone you can trust and who does a good job (who does a good job the first time). My uncle was our handy man when I was a kid, seemed like he was always coming back to fix the same thing!

  • sue

    Scott Reid gets my vote, he has been my go-to for everything from painting, repairs, restorations, building bookshelves, and installing flooring, for over 20 years. 1 347 277 9637