Open Thread: Best Car Service

In light of Brooklyn Heights Blog’s sixth birthday, it seems appropriate to re-address some posts that provide service to the residents of this great neighborhood. Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer Open Threads for a number of goods & services that folks regularly rely upon in the Heights.

I recently took a vacation westward and Google-searched “Best Car Services in Brooklyn Heights,” and sure enough, a 2008 post from BHB came to my aid. Four years later, we’re due for an update…

As Homer Fink wrote then: Subways and buses are nice, but if you’re just not in the mood, a friendly neighborhood car service is but a phone call away. Which local livery service do you use? Have any stories negative or positive? Comment away!

For the record, I went with Arecibo (718-783-6465), which was on time, efficient and competitively priced. (Feel free to send suggestions for future posts… contractors, locksmiths, painters, dog walkers, etc.)

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  • DrewB

    We always use Promenade. They are usually timely, knowledgable and cost effective.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    GREAT TOPIC! I use Arecibo all the time. Fast and friendly.

  • x

    Mexicana – prompt and inexpensive!

  • grrr

    Arecibo is fast and friendly … except when they’re not. I’ve been stranded by them three times in the past six months, when cars that were supposed to come in the famous “five minutes” didn’t, and repeated calls to the dispatcher resulted in reassurances that the car would be “right there” and it wasn’t. So no more Arecibo in this household.

  • bhres

    Eastern!! They’re awesome!!

  • Wiley E.


  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I called Arecibo once and they told me their computers were down and to call back in an hour. Alot of good that did me. I called someone else.

  • GetClarked

    I’ve used Mobil and New Bell, both always spot on.

  • Andrew

    I use Arecibo most of the time. I’ve tried Uber recently, which is very nice, but definitely pricier than Arecibo/Promenade/Eastern or a yellow cab.

  • Perry Schaffer

    New app reading about today – – will help Yellow Cabs find you!

  • stuart

    I like arecibo. they have never let me down.

  • JL

    Agree with grrr, Arecibo is usually excellent, but occasionally has some snafus. I generally call them first every time (they also seem to keep cars near the airports if you forget to reserve them for a ride home in advance-helpful when taxi lines are really long). I find the Promenade cars dirty, the drivers surly, and the prices not as good as Arecibo. Promenade also always hassles me about using a CC, whereas, Arecibo doesn’t/hasn’t.

  • Knight

    A couple of years ago I had Promenade pick up my Mom in Queens and drop her off for a party at my place in the Heights. We agreed on $30 (a normal price at the time) and I paid by credit card. When the driver dropped her off he told me that because there was traffic it would be $45. I called the dispatcher, who agreed with the driver. My credit card was charged $47. I will never use them again. I’ve been using Arecibo ever since.

  • fritz


  • epc

    Arecibo is great for walk-ups (Front and Main in DUMBO).
    Limonerd is relatively new. Consistently a dollar more than other local services, but also justabit less hassle.

  • Cadmangal

    Never had any trouble with Promenade.

  • A Neighbor

    Ever since Promenade missed a 5:00 AM pick-up for the airport a few years ago — and failed to pick up friends in midtown a few weeks later, I stopped using them.

    Eastern is great — very reliable, day and night, and the best airport prices I’ve found.

  • henry st.

    Vote for Promenade…always been reliable within +/- 5 to10 min. Car quality has varied, but generally ok. Overall, pretty good. Prominent, however, completely blows chunks.

  • Mr. Hicks

    Promenade did have a bad stretch a few years ago where we had some issues with them. Tried a couple of other services then but they weren’t that much better. However, whatever was going on with Promenade (this was when they kept on moving their offices) was totally resolved, and they’ve been reliable, courteous and helpful ever since. We use them every time to and from the airport. As mentioned in the 2008 thread, it probalby helps if your details are in their computer and they know you are an established client.

  • Matthew Parker

    Aracibo – pet friendly too!

  • Still Here

    I prefer Promenade (used them for 25 years in all their iterations, name changes, and mergers); the wife prefers Arecibo. Go figure.

    No recent blunders by either.

    On important rides I confirm one hour before the pick-up time.

  • pedro

    promenade etc… is much more expensive
    eastern and arecibo are the way to go

  • pedro

    also try sedanmagic its a great new app

  • bronxkid

    Promenade – but their service is very uneven and their drivers don’t always know their way around the city.

  • bluey

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Blue Car yet. I use them every time I go to the airport and they are always on time and get the job done.

  • She’s Crafty

    I was going to say we really like Blue Car Service and also Promenade. I’ve never really had an issue with Promenade not showing (or any other car service not showing IF I have booked them in advance – on the fly, who knows) for an airport trip but then again I always call to confirm 15 minutes before they are to show up. In terms of calling and needing a car “right away” I sympathise with the car services themselves as it may seem like one of their drivers can get there in 5 minutes, but then is held up in traffic – but a no show, no excuse there.

  • willowl


  • Teddy

    I’ve never had a problem with Arecibo.

  • Bloomy

    So to sum it all up, most of the car services are good, except for the time you need then and they are not.

  • BklynJace

    Well said Bloomy. Partial to Eastern and Promenade myself. But yeah, sometimes they screw up and you’re all mad. Same could probably be said of me.