Open Thread: Best Car Service

In light of Brooklyn Heights Blog’s sixth birthday, it seems appropriate to re-address some posts that provide service to the residents of this great neighborhood. Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer Open Threads for a number of goods & services that folks regularly rely upon in the Heights.

I recently took a vacation westward and Google-searched “Best Car Services in Brooklyn Heights,” and sure enough, a 2008 post from BHB came to my aid. Four years later, we’re due for an update…

As Homer Fink wrote then: Subways and buses are nice, but if you’re just not in the mood, a friendly neighborhood car service is but a phone call away. Which local livery service do you use? Have any stories negative or positive? Comment away!

For the record, I went with Arecibo (718-783-6465), which was on time, efficient and competitively priced. (Feel free to send suggestions for future posts… contractors, locksmiths, painters, dog walkers, etc.)

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  • Michael

    Eastern gets my vote.

  • RF

    Eastern. Nicer cars (no old, wallowy Lincolns), plus they are ten bucks cheaper than Promenade for a ride to JFK.

  • Ballerina

    I recently used Cobble Hill Car Service to go to the airport and they were timely and the driver was very considerate.

  • Chisono Indovina

    I used Arecibo for YEARS. But, lately they have been disappointing. I called them from Fairway Market and, in spite of their constant reassurance that the driver was just a minute or two away, I waited 55 minutes and no one ever showed up. I finally took another car service (Express 11) whose fare didn’t seem to be there and they have proven very reliable since.

    I did decide to give Arecibo another try. I called them from home and was given the usual “5 minutes” response. After 15 minutes, I called them back and was asked to wait another 2-3 minutes. After 25 minutes, I called Express 11 and then called back Arecibo to cancel the original car. Both cars showed up at the same time. That’s 30 minutes for Arecibo (in response to their “5 minutes”) and 5 minutes for Express 11 (in response to their “8-10 minutes”). Guess which service I will be using going forward.

  • Rick Anderson

    Eastern by two lengths with Arecibo coming in second; Promenade and Cobble Hill in a dead heat for last place.

  • SuperMommy

    Nobody sed Heights Car Service?

  • AnnOfOrange

    Three cheers for EASTERN! We’ve tried most of them. For many years I thought “local” services were the only thing to do — support neighborhood businesses, etc. Tried EASTERN on family recommendation and we are hooked! You can book on their very good website. Cars are always nice; drivers are the best — even get out of the car (!) to help you in and out; always on time. (BHB should do a survey and post results to help consumers make choices.)

  • Knight

    @SuperMommy: Promenade and Heights Car Service are one and the same.

  • Big Dave

    Eastern. So far so good…

  • BH’er

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I use the 7’s… for years, they’re always a few minutes early, never missed a pick-up, cars are clean and the price is fair

    mostly use them for trips to/from the airports, but have taken them into Manhattan on occasion for weddings and some special events

    I don’t usually book a return from the airport – they always have cars there

    One complaint: they’re not speedy at finding you at the airport which can sometimes be frustrating (especially when you’re tired after a long trip) – sometimes they go too far down the pickup area and don’t do a good job finding you

    Other than that, drivers are good, cars are clean… unfortunately, they’re not a Heights business, but I am scared to death of having a car miss my pickup at 5am and make me miss a flight

  • PromGal

    I use Promenade a few times every week. I find them reliable, courteous, and user friendly. As OP said, it does help if you are a regular customer and they have your phone and CC info in their system. The dispatchers are all English speakers, and many of the drivers have been with them 10+ years. They are a local family run business, and haven serving BH for a very long time.
    Former owner, Wafa, and his wife Raifa, and daughter, now run the most highly rated (26 in ZAGAT) Middle Eastern restaurant in NYC, TANOREEN in Bay Ridge. The food is very authentic, and outrageously delicious, with a specials menu that changes almost daily.
    The Bishawa family are Palestinian Christians, so there are great vegetarian options

  • Juliet

    Heights Car Service has a minimum. During one of the recent heat waves I used them to get to an appointment in DUMBO (if I’d walked, I’d have arrived drenched); they charged $9, which seemed excessive, and they explained that’s their minimum. No other experience to indicate if others do this, but figured about a $5 trip from here to there.

  • AmyinBH

    BH’er, I too use the 7’s for the few times a year I use a car service for the same reasons. And, I can usually find a promo code on the internet to lower the price.

  • Bette

    Legends. The nicest drivers and beautiful cars and a great website.

  • Jen

    Eastern is great. I used to use Legends until they arrived an hour late for an airport pickup and we missed our flight, and didn’t spend Thanksgiving with our family in Texas as a result.

  • ElDropo

    Promenade is the most expensive car service I’ve ever used in New York. $25 to Williamsburg? (It’s about $10 in a yellow cab). When I protested, all they said was, “Hey, it’s Brooklyn Heights!” I’ll never use them again. Aricebo has never disappointed me.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I never would have waited an hour for a car service to show up if I had to get to the airport. Fifteen minutes would have been too much for me to wait before calling someone else.