Open Thread: The Best Pizza Pie In Brooklyn Heights

From Best Car Service to Best Handyman (which youse weren’t particularly willing to give up) to something a little more tasty…

What’s your bid for the Best Pizza in Brooklyn Heights? Digging the brand new Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn? Convinced that nothing beats Fascati Pizzeria? Wie-Pie on Remsen more to your tastes? Or do you swear by the culinary cardboard that is Jeno’s from the nabe Key Food? Taking all bids for the Best Pizza Pie in the Heights, BHB compatriots!

Please feel free to contribute ideas for future goods & services in this post.

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  • Cadmangal

    Tutt Cafe while not Italian has awesome individual pies. And, delivery is quick.

  • WillowtownCop

    I usually get My Little Pizzeria (love the tub of fresh basil on the counter), or House of Pizza and Calzones on Union Street for the grandma pie – I’m going to count them because they deliver to the Heights. I used to love Gramaldi’s but I haven’t been in years because I refuse to stand in line. I find the crust at Fascati too crunchy. I don’t like WiPie either (I especially hate the name) but they are the only place in the neighborhood that I’m aware of that are not to snobby to carry pineapple.

  • Steve R

    Fascati’s is definitely very good, and way convenient, but I have to put in a good word for Wi-Pie. I suspect they don’t get the same level of casual traffic (being tucked behind the health club on Remsen) that Fascati gets on Henry, but I prefer their Sicilian pies to Fascati. For me its definitely the sauce. It has a lot more flavor and character than what Fascati uses, and better compliments the crust and cheese. I also like all the extras they deliver with each order; paper plates, napkins, seasonings, plastic utensils… You do not have to do any table setting or dishwashing after one of their pies. A truely effortless picnic in a box.

  • C.

    For Cheap Eats, I’d throw in the $1 slice spot 2 Bros. Pizza on Flatbush. For a buck it ain’t bad.

    There is also a new pizza place and wine bar called Prime Four in the works next to Avalon on Gold Street from the guy behind Woodwork in Park Slope, which was originally going to be Prime 6 and caused that huge uproar.

  • hicksanthrope

    My vote is for Front street. Taco pizza all the way. Then Fascati Pizza Corp. and finally Grimaldi’s.

    However, we did eat at Dellarocco’s and I only have positive things to say. The pizza was great, quick service, good drinks and very friendly. They will take over the #1 spot after a few more visits that are hopefully just as good!

  • GHB

    @Pedro – “it’s fascati. not facati’s. also front st. in dumbo is good. ignazzio’s is garbage.”
    It’s Ignazio, not Ignazzio

  • nabeguy

    Still miss the individual pies at Tutt Cafe. Always consistent.

  • LibertyBelle

    If Dellarocco’s wants to compete, they need to open for lunch on weekends. This is the city that never sleeps. We were so excited to try it, but when we got there it was closed. Disappointing.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Really like My Little Pizzeria. I remember when Fascati’s came to the neighborhood. It was really good for many years-then was pretty mediocre for quite some time. Glad to see all the positive posts for it–will have to try it again.

  • maria

    My Little Pizzeria. BEST NYC PIZZA !!!!

    Grimaldi reminds me of my Yale days. WiPi is not bad.

    Fascati is truly sub par. Very low quality sauce and cheese. Hate to say it because they are all great guys over there but I only eat that pizza when I’m starving and I can’t get to anything else.

    Dellarocco’s will be different and I am looking forward to eating there. There is room for all here in my opinion because I could eat pizza every day.

  • PierrepontSkin

    I can’t believe how many Dellarocco’s votes there are. Had one of their pan pizza’s last night and it was pretty awful.

    My votes go to My Little Pizzeria, Fascati, and Patsy’s (Grimaldi’s).

  • Heightsman

    Ate at Dellarocco’s tonight. Salad pizza. It was very good.

  • BHMommy

    Fascati’s is the WORST! I can’t even choke down a slice. We usually order from My Little Pizzeria, but our favorite in the expanded area by a mile is Sam’s. Louie is right out of central casting and he’s comical, but the pizza is unreal.

  • coolbeans

    dylan who’s six loves my little pizzeria lately, and i have to agree.

  • Wiley E.

    Tutt’s the tops for Middle Eastern style pies.

  • LKM

    Dellarocco’s is the best! Good service and a cool place. The food was delicious. The pizza was great, and especially the meatballs!

  • Bear

    Fascatis has been the best for years.
    My Little Pizzeria is like the Pizza served in school, weird cheese taste.
    Queen had great pizza years ago until they moved up the block from next to the Cin-Art.

  • jmi

    Fascati all the way for me, if we’re talking classic NYC pizza.

  • bornhere

    I still like Fascati and My Little.
    Has anyone tried Antonio’s (on Court)?

  • HenryLoL

    Delerocco’s also is not delivering — despite all the delivery bikes lined up outside the store…

  • BH’er

    These are the results, as I read them, noting that preference is given to BH establishments:

    Fascati’s (based on sheer volume of preference)
    My Little Pizzeria (a close second)
    Dellarocco’s (a rising third… see where these guys are next year)
    Grimaldi’s (the line is the draw back…)
    Ignazio’s (mixed feelings on this choice)
    Tutt (points for being easy on the wallet bumped these guys up a bit)
    Sam’s (seems to be the front-runner outside BH)
    Sosta (tight race on the next few…)
    Layla Jones
    House of Pizza
    Numero 28 (deductions taken for being across the bridge)
    Luzzo (ibid)
    Front St
    Graziella’s (Ft Greene?)
    WiPie (name was trouble, as was the crust)
    Pronto Pizza
    2 Bros Pizza
    MontyQ (truly, the worst)

    Coming Soon:
    Prime Four

    Let the jockeying begin…

  • pssnyc

    Fascati, though, I, too, think it has gone slightly downhill over the last two years. Dellarocco’s is okay, but the pricing makes no sense. A friend had a sausage pizza for $4 extra plus the basic pie. I had half sausage and half prosciutto di Parma. I paid $4 for the sausage half and got about 4 little pieces per slice. $5 for the prosciutto is okay, but $4 for an ungenerous half while a whole generous sausage pie was $4 for the whole topping doesn’t make sense. I have been told that Sam’s on Court St is good old fashioned NY pizza.

  • Eddyenergizer

    I went to Dellarocco’s the other night: Atmosphere was ok but a bit loud, as there was no thought given to acoustics in the design.
    Service was so so, the waitron was a bit inattentive and forgot my drink.
    The pizza was good, but as mentioned above, a bit skimpy on some of the toppings, especially for the price.
    Yes the price is very expensive, $80 bucks for 2 to have pizza, salad and beer!!! Also the beers are served in 12-oz glasses not pints, but they charge what most other places charge for a pint.
    For me, the quality of the product does not outweigh the rip-off factor, hence I will not be heading back anytime soon.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    After my initial post, i started to see similar comments being posted about Fascati’s not being good. i will not try it again after all, and will stick with My Little Pizzeria. i got a good tip from some of the people that posted-i will next try their Supreme pizza-sounds terrific. i had not known about it, since i never ate in their place and just order the regular (really good) pizzas by phone to be delivered.
    I was really surprised several days back to see so many people in favor of Fascati’s. As i wrote on my original post, i remember them opening their pizzeria in the neighborhood years ago, and that their pies were really good for many years. About 5 years ago we had them deliver a pie which we found very mediocre, which we chalked up to an off night at their place. se we ordered eventually another 2 times expecting their original quality but were disappointed to get 2 more mediocre at best pies. That’s when we stopped patronizing them. We also felt they had gotten really sloppy in their quality and were taking advantage of the fact that they were the oldest and best know pizzeria in the Heights-that they had little competition at that time. so they could get away with less quality fare. After trying another place which was not that good (no longer in the Heights), we found My Little Pizzeria and was and are very happy with them.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Am intrigued by several posts about Sam’s in Cobble Hill. May try them.
    Right now i am about to order the Supreme pie from My Little Pizzeria.

  • Knight

    Interesting that about 25 places were named but not Fatoosh on Hicks Street. It wasn’t on the good or bad lists. I know they’re still there!

  • PB

    Echoing support for Sottocasa, even if it’s technically not Bk Hts. I mean, cross one street and you’re there. Whoever deserves the #2 spot in this survey is so far behind Sottocasa, it’s not even necessary to mention them. Actually I’ve found them all pretty underwhelming, to put it nicely.