Will You Go Back to Le Petit Marche?

Photo: Karl Junkersfeld

Photo: Karl Junkersfeld

Le Petit Marche’s [46 Henry Street] recent trouble with the NYC Department of Health and the establishment’s attempt to spin its violations as the product of “clerical errors” has us wondering if Brooklyn Heights residents are willing to return to dining there should they pass re-re-inspection. Owner Daniella Silone told BHB that the situation is “breaking her heart” and she hopes that neighborhood residents will not “forsake” her and the establishment for this chain of events. On Silone’s and LPM’s side is the fact that they’ve created a beautiful space, helped to revitalize the North Heights dining scene and most of all made a previously hideous facade into something worthy of our historic neighborhood.

However, that may not be enough for some to overcome the basic facts. The NYC DOH has been clear with BHB from the start regarding the closing of Le Petit Marche – they failed three consecutive inspections, did not remedy violations and failed a re-inspection yesterday. “Clerical errors” played no part in the restaurant’s closing, a DOH spokesperson adds. Also, the restaurant’s re-opening on Sunday night for a private party – which sources claim was attended by many Brooklyn Heights Brahmins – was not permitted by DOH rules.

So, the question is:

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  • Cranberry Living

    Didn’t someone mention on one of these LPM posts that the are trying to sell the restaurant? I’d be happy to try to restaurant if it’s under new ownership. But the current ownership has shown that they don’t care about their customers health and safety and I won’t go back until they’re gone.

  • tb

    Im so sad about this for some reason. It was a great restaurant as far as BH goes. We’ve always had good meals there with great service. I don’t understand why they would let this happen. They were warned.

  • Peter

    First Hecho en Dumbo leaves the ‘hood, now this? Ouch!

    While conflicted, I think I will give Le Petite Marche the benefit of the doubt here. I always enjoyed their food, and after recently returning from a trip to Paris, it is nice to have somewhat-comparable food just blocks away.

  • zburch

    I am sad too. My husband and I frequented Petite Marche. It was our ‘go to’ French place if we didn’t feel like trekking over to Les Halles. I never had a bad meal there and the owners seemed gracious. Too bad they handled this so poorly. I would go back if they reopened. We need more reliable bistro style restaurants in the nabe.

  • someone

    There have been other places in BH that have been shutdown by the DOH in the last few years and they are still in business: Brooklyn Heights Cafe and Lantern comes to mind.

  • geesh

    They have a total disregard for basic health codes. For those of you stating that would go back a dine here IF they clear their violations – bon appetite. I’ve heard that the ‘droppings al la mouse’ are wonderful and gratis.

  • strozzi

    “Respectable” would be my adjective for the past quality of this Bistro, and it has been no doubt a positive addition to the neighborhood. But their handling of this DOH matter is so appallingly amateurish, and dishonest, that it is hard to forget. Violations, and opportunities for their cure, are routine; one gets a good consultant, does what needs to be done, and reopens. You can take the best customers to the side and share with them your issues, and they will listen and sympathize, and promptly return. But this owner went so far as to conceal the legally required notices in order to fool the public and keep a previously booked, and no doubt profitable private party. They put their entire future at risk, as the DOH by rights could close them permanently. It would not be too harsh to say that in that act, they defrauded the public. So, in regarding my vote: I dunno.

  • tb

    Can we talk about Happy Days Diner for a second? How does that place stay open? Theres food caked up on the seats and slime on the tables. Seriously. What is wrong with this area???

  • brooklyns finest

    Again people in these harsh times please don’t be so quick to judge.

  • Jonesy

    CL – there was an ad on craig’s list to sell the restaurant. the owners have been trying to sell if for some time now.

  • mary cerchia

    Things happen – name one restauraunt that this dose not happen to – it is part of owning a restaurant – it happened to Mario Batali – it could happen to you – it is the holiday which is the time to eat drink and be merry and let by gones be by gones and to give LPM another chance.

  • Jonesy

    Too late. Stick a fork in them. They’re done. When it comes down to it, most people will trek the one subway stop to Les Halles for a decent (and clean) bistro.

  • nabeguy

    Not for nothing, but I doubt that any of our own personal kitchens would pass DOH guidelines for cleaniness. But I guess that’s why we put our faith in restaurants to be more sanitary than we are.

  • AEB

    I just passed the restaurant which, unless it’s re-Brigadooning, it’s now open.

    It’s naive to believe that problems with infestation, food maintenance, etc., aren’t common to all restaurants. LPM goofed by dropping the ball long enough for the DOH to do its worst–but I believe a lesson has been learned.

    To abandon the place once it has gotten DOH approval would, in my opinion, be a form of neighborhood masochism, and only salute a certain provincialism….

  • nabeguy

    Well put, AEB.

  • edmund

    AEB sounds like a smart and reasonable person.
    Come on folks lets not forget its NYC.
    How many of us has not been victimized by the system whether its a parking ticket or some other way for this money starved system can stick it to you.
    DOH are notorious for having inexperienced eager inspectors just trying to fill quotas and bring in the bucks.
    In these hard times be understanding and more supportive of a neighborhood business. And lets remember the DOH didn’t say any one actually got sick from eating there.
    They were just made an example of.

  • stuart

    The DOH is unforgiving when it comes to certain items. i have eaten at LPM many times and always found the food enticing and the atmosphere friendly and wonderful. I owned a restaurant in NYC for 30years and dealt with the DOH. If a towel was on the chef’stable, aviolation, a dented can a vioilation. Let’s move on and support a very good restaurant thru tough times.

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t think it’s so much the violations and the facts that they can be trivial and common in NYC as the efforts they put forth in deceit that are the problem people are having.

  • Bart

    I went once and the food was average. However once you factor in their expensive prices, I would rate them about a 7.5. But with either Henry’s End, Noodle Pooding, or the Sushi Place on Clark street, as my first, second, and third choices, I don’t see myself going back. Especially with a questionable health inspection record.

  • Frank

    I for one have been back and while perhaps the owners did not handle this is the best of ways, i defy anyone to find one restaurant in NYC (5 star or 1 star) that has not had violations to deal with. It’s the nature of the food business. Went back Saturday night and the food and service were just as good as ever. Will continue to be a repeat customer!