Le Petit Marche Fails Re-inspection

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Not only was Le Petit Marche’s re-opening for a private party this weekend not permitted, the restaurant failed a re-inspeciton today, according to officials at the Department of Health.

During today’s re-inspection, officials found mice droppings as well as conditions for mice “harborage.” In order to re-open the restaurant must pass another re-inspection.

While the restaurant claimed over the weekend the shut down was a result of a clerical error, the DOH stood firm and said the restaurant had failed three inspections since August.

Repeated calls to Le Petit Marche have gone unreturned. Full DOH statement after the jump.

Le Petit Marche did not have permission to re-open this weekend as they accumulated over 28 or more violation points on three inspections since August.

The restaurant failed its re-opening inspection today after mice dropping and harborage conditions were found on the site. In order to reopen, the operator of Le Petit Marche must correct all conditions that led to violations, submit an affidavit of correction to the Health Department and schedule a re-opening inspection.

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  • Le Where

    I don’t see a problem here. Some of the best French chefs in the world are rodents:

  • Nancy

    I just threw up a little bit in the back of my throat.

  • the banned

    c’est fromage.
    n’est-ce pas?

  • John

    I guess their business will not be booming any time soon !

  • cat

    Too bad they didn’t just take responsibility, correct it and move on. Now they’ve lost trust with their “clerical error” statements and reopening without DOH approval. What a shame.

  • Jazz

    Cat you are right on point. This place wasnt run by locals anyway.

  • matt

    Might as well just not reopen.

  • static

    Wasn’t run by locals?? I guess one must have to live in BH before we should support their place?? That explains why we have sooooo many great restaurants.
    The food and service at Le Petit Marche were great every time I was there and I plan on going back as soon as they reopen

  • bornhere

    If anyone has a free 10 minutes, visit the NYC DOH webiste
    and review the area’s restaurant “scores.” La Traviata and the Watchtower eateries seem to be a safer bet than River Cafe. This may be one of those times when ignorance is sort of bliss.

  • Nancy

    Yes, this restaurant has some good dishes. But they have obviously taken a cavalier attitude when it comes to the health and saftey of their customers. And like Cat said, they’ve runined even more good will by trying to blame the city for their short comings. This is why restaurants sometimes go out of business, especially like in a competitive market like New York City.

  • George Earl

    Another downhill bit of news for Atlantic Avenue. And I remember the day when visiting friends or relatives always said that they wanted first to dine in that area, then see New York! No, once the “rotten rat” news is about, a restaurant can consider itself done and gone.

  • Jazz

    This place is on henry, adjust your meds

  • peppermint

    Jazz, don’t go out of your way to be mean. Not necessary.

  • AEB

    I just passed the restaurant, and unless it’s re-Brigadooning, it’s now open.

    It’s naive to believe that problems with infestation, food maintenance, etc., aren’t common to all restaurants. LPM goofed by dropping the ball long enough for the DOH to do its worst–but I believe a lesson has been learned.

    To abandon the place once it has gotten DOH approval would, in my opinion, be a form of neighborhood masochism.