Le Petit Marche to Re-open Tomorrow?

Your correspondent has learned from a friend, who had made a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner at Le Petit Marche, that she has received a phone call from one of the owners of the restaurant, assuring her that the closure was indeed the result of a clerical error, claiming that it has now been rectified, and that LPM will be back in business tomorrow. We have a phone call in to the restaurant asking for confirmation.

Update: LPM has re-opened. Your correspondent went for a look-see at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, and found the DOH sign and the owners’ explanatory one both gone, replaced or obscured by colorful “Autumn Greetings” posters. Inside, well dressed people were enjoying drinks.

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  • Billy Reno

    Clerical error?! HA! Did they get Lindsay Lohan’s spin doctor to wag this dog?

  • Le Where

    To quote nabeguy before he actually says it : le petit marche is telling le grande fib

  • nabeguy

    Excusez moi, but I can speak for myself.

  • brooklyns finest

    They passed the last inspection on 11/10.
    So why were they closed down?
    You dont need Lindsay Lohan here my friend its obvious.

  • Homer Fink

    Now seems like a good time to remind folks about our Terms of Service especially:

    Commenting on businesses in which your or a friend have a financial interest: You must disclose this fact. BHB will moderate comments that are “shilling” for a business — the practice of posing as a happy, satisfied customer of an establishment who wants to tell everyone how great that business is and how everyone should go there. If a business owner wants to post in a thread relevant to their business they must disclose that they are the owner or a friend or relative of the owner. Even if you are a well meaning business owner, friend or relative of a business owner failure to disclose your interest in a comment will do more harm that good for that business.


    And BF, yes we reported the LPM passed inspection on 11/11:

    But they racked up 23 points of violations. 28 is failing. We’re investigating the story and would love to get LPM’s first hand side of the story — specifically what were these “clerical errors”?

  • AEB

    Just passed LPM. It’s reopened. Would love to get the whole skinny….

  • Nick

    If LPM has reopened, why are the Dept of Health stickers still on its windows?