Lost Cat Needs Home… Help!


This guest dispatch from our pal Teresa at Brooklyn Backstretch:

This very sweet feline miss was found last Friday between Brooklyn Heights and downtown Brooklyn. A colleague picked her up, which she resisted not at all, and she was happy to be brought to temporary housing for the weekend.

That temporary housing is about to expire, so I’m trying to find her a permanent or even another temporary home. She’s “middle aged” and de-clawed; she’s affectionate and loves people; she is nonchalant about dogs but a little growly with other cats. I don’t know whether she’s spayed or what is her vaccination status; she’s got an appointment to be vetted on December 9th, but she’d be fine in a house without another cat.

If you can help at all, please contact Teresa at tagnyc[at]yahoo[dot]com. She will be shelter-bound midweek unless we can find another option.

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  • Publius

    The cat could find work at Le Petite Marche.

  • Poppa Fink

    I wish you would have posted this on Sunday….6th at Aqueduct..Papa’s Nice Cat topped a ‘nice’ $66 Exacta.
    Poppa Fink

  • north heights res

    I had that horse to win, Poppa. But I’d rather find a home for the cat!

  • stacey

    If the kitty is dog friendly I WOULD be more than happy to adopt her/him.

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.com Teresa


    Kitty is definitely dog friendly–my friend had her dog with her when she found the cat, and the cat never flinched. And a trial meeting is also OK. Contact me at tagnyc[at]yahoo[dot]com or the address on my website, and let’s talk!


  • heightsdiho

    Yay Stacey!

  • someone

    Was there not a flyer a few weeks ago about a missing cat that looked like this one?

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.com Teresa

    Someone: that was last spring, I think, and I considered that it might be the same cat. It would surprise me if the cat could have lived outside for that long and not become feral–this cat is totally domesticated.

    But if anyone has contact info for the people who lost the black and white last spring, I’d be happy to contact them.

  • http://Brooklynheightsblog Concerned

    Saw a cat that looked like that about a week ago walking up Joralemon mid-block between Furman and Hicks on the left side (if heading up away from river). Didn’t think anything of it because there are some outdoor cats in the neighborhood. One of the brownstones mid-block had the front gate open and door open, but again, didn’t think anything of it because people unload cars all the time there. Now I’m concerned that the cat got away from one of those brownstones, but I wouldn’t know how to go about finding the owner. I hope this helps.

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.com Teresa

    This cat was pretty far away from there, and I haven’t seen any signs up about a lost cat. The person who found her did put up signs in the area where the cat was found.

  • Cranberried

    While running along Hicks St last week or the week before, close to Atlantic, I saw a flyer up notifying the neighborhood that a new resident had lost a cat (that I think looked like this one). The flyer said the kitty was smart but new to the area so didn’t know how to find its way home. Not certain it is the same cat, but may be worth doing a little research to make certain someone else isn’t looking for this cute kitty.

  • http://Brooklynheightsblog Concerned

    Vet offices can scan the cat for a microchip that would reveal the owner.

  • Cranberry-ite


    this adorable kitty, Snowflake, was scheduled to be euthanized, but a very nice lady took her in – but couldn’t keep her. Right now, my friend is fostering her, but he needs her out by mid-December. She’s only 3 years old, and very very friendly. She’s a big fan of head- butting and purrs all the time. Howver, she must be the only cat in the household, since She tested positive for FELV, or only with other positive cats. Please consider giving her a loving forever home!