Le Petit Marche Will Re-open as Bread and Butter

With the end of 2009 also came the end of Le Petit Marche. The three-year-old French restaurant shuttered on New Year’s Eve, and the owners said the space will re-open under new management as early as this weekend.

The new restaurant will be called Bread and Butter, and specialize in American comfort. Dishes will include southern fried chicken, lobster rolls and three different types of macaroni and cheese.

Rob Weiner, who served as chef when Le Petit Marche opened, will return to be chef and co-owner for the new venture, along with co-owner Daniella Silone.

“Le Petit Marche has lived its life,” Weiner said. “I’m totally psyched and hope to recreate the magic.”

Silone said the new restaurant would be more casual. She said they were aiming to open the restaurant this weekend, but that might be “a little optimistic.”

The closing of Le Petit Marche comes shortly after the restaurant was shut down in November by the Department of Health, following three failed inspections.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Found this reference about Bread and Butter:

    ZAGAT NEW YORK CITY EDITION Back to Today’s Edition
    Search Zagat Buzz New York City Edition

    Jan 04
    Bread and Butter Coming to Brooklyn
    A new year, a new restaurant. Set to open ASAP is Bread and Butter, an American spot replacing Brooklyn Heights bistro Le Petite Marché, which served its last meal on New Year’s Eve. Chef and co-owner Rob Weiner helped open Le Petite Marché with Daniella Silone in 2006, and the duo have reunited for this new concept, which will offer hearty fare like fried chicken, deviled short ribs, gumbo and an Ipswich clam-belly roll. The formerly wallpapered space will be redone with white-and-wood decor (46 Henry St.).

  • AEB

    Good news! In a time of failed businesses and empty store spaces, let us hope the restaurant prospers.

    The concept sounds good–would be great if Bread and Butter became a reliable go-to.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I remember Chef Weiner, when they first opened, and thought his food was wonderful. After he left, the succession of replacements left much to be desired. This is very good news indeed.

    What is an Ipswich clam belly roll? Never mind. I found a picture:


    Love this food but my waistline will have to limit visits to an acceptable level.

  • Yikes

    Sounds like lots of healthy food… How about opening up a clothing store right next to it to make the transition to the next cloth size easier? Like Roll-out, roll-over…

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    My wife grew up on the North Shore (above Boston, that is), not far from Ipswich. I’ll await her verdict on the authenticity of Chef Weiner’s clam and lobster rolls. I look forward to trying them, as well as the southern fried chicken.

  • my2cents

    Please tell me that they don’t wrap everything in bacon as is the trend these days.

  • nabeguy

    Certainly sounds a lot more kid-freindly than the old menu, especially the mac-n-cheese.

  • AEB

    A good lobster roll is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. And difficult, I find, for most mortals to achieve.

    Uncharacteristically (to say the least) I’m feeling optimistic about the new venture.

  • Deborah

    I don’t know how optimistic I feel considering Silone’s track record.

    On a different note, you can find a great lobster roll at Brooklyn Fish Camp (Mary’s Fish Camp in the West Village).

  • B

    I’m just excited that a storefront on Henry St that closes up can re-open as something new in only a matter of one or two weeks!

  • Hicks St guy

    Le Petite Marche was very good, and will be missed. Go to a restaurant for Mac n cheese? You’re kidding right? And Nabeguy, who gives a f if the place is more kid friendly, if I want bratty kids, I’ll go to damn McD’s!

  • tb

    Wow Hicks St guy..
    You make me ashamed to live on Hicks St.

  • nabeguy

    Heard of the Waverly Inn, HSG? They’re getting $64.00 for a bowl of M&C. If you’d been keeping up, you’d know it’s not your grandma’s comfort food anymore. BTW, you want fries with that rant?

  • Gianluca

    I’m not sure is a good Idea a Mac and cheese place… it’ s almost better another Italian Restaurant after all…

  • C.

    I gotta agree with Hicks for the most part. Mac and cheese is one of your main selling points? Gimme a break. If they get crawfish I’ll give em a shot. I don’t expect this place to be around too long

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the implicit competition with JTH’s superb mac and cheese. This could lead to the North Heights’ designation as the m&c capital of the world.

    Yes to crawfish.

  • Reggie

    The new restaurant will be called Bread and Butter, and specialize in its namesake foods. Rob Weiner, who served as chef when Le Petit Marche opened, will return to be chef and co-owner for the new venture, along with co-owner Daniella Silone.

    The closing of Le Petit Marche comes shortly after the restaurant was shut down in November by the Department of Health, following three failed inspections. “As long as we keep the butter refrigerated, we should be okay,” Weiner said.

  • AEB

    The mac and cheese thing has been done and done and done–sometimes really well–but, let’s face it, it’s not a dish to swoon over, no matter how platonic the iteration.

    I think the point is that the dish is emblematic of the kind of food the new restaurant will serve. If B and B can do well with simple dishes, it will be a treasure indeed, as these usually require the most care to shine.

  • Joe

    I’m willing to give it a shot since I’m a sucker for good lobster rolls but I’m hoping they won’t drown it in mayo and they properly toast the roll.

    I loved it when it first opened but Le Petite Marche was losing its touch and a bit overpriced to be a neighborhood restaurant.

  • Le where and butter

    They don’t seem part of the neighborhood like wine bar, henrys end and jack the horse.

  • Publius

    Since the place is to be called Bread and Butter, I hope the lobster rolls are prepared by sauteeing the meat in warm butter rather than tossing it with cold mayo and celery.

    IMHO, the best lobster roll is to be found in Boothbay Harbor, ME at The Lobster Dock, which is a somewhat high end lobster shack.

    I agree with Deborah that Brooklyn Fish Camp has a good lobster roll, but it’s VERY expensive.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Menu for Brooklyn Fish Camp:


    Grilled Loch Duart Salmon Filet
    with Butternut Squash and Toasted Farro • 20.
    Cape Sable Monkfish Paillard with Sautéed Kale • 18.
    Roasted California Sturgeon Filet
    with Carrot Puree and Ginger Beet Relish • 24.
    Faroe Island Steelhead Trout w/Cauliflower Risotto
    + Gremolata • 20.
    Emerald Basin Skate with Brussels Sprout Leaves
    and Balsamic Brown Butter • 18.
    Shellfish Bouillabaisse • 24.
    Seared Diver Sea Scallops with Wild Mushroom Salad
    + Toasted Hazelnuts • 23.
    Whole Market Fish Served Grilled or Fried • 25.
    1 1/2 Lb Maine Lobster, Grilled, Boiled or Chilled • M/P
    Lobster Roll (Limited Supply) with French Fries • M/P

    I always worry when the price is M/P. lol

  • tb

    Lobster and fries… nothing better.. seriously.

  • AEB

    OK, the “secret”of a good/great lobster roll involves, above all, achieving the proper balance of just-cooked-through meat to mayo to roll, which, should be of the frankfurter type, lightly toasted and similarly buttered. No single element should trump any other.

    Easier said than done, as most rolls I’ve had are either over-generous or too stingy with the mayo, the lobster too plentiful or insufficient, etc.

    And yes, tb, lobster and crisp skinny fries: si!

  • Arch Stanton

    B&B just what we need… More empty carbohydrates and bovine fat….

  • Cascascas

    Sorry to see Petite Marche go – every nabe needs to good french restaurant. But good luck to the new place – at least it’s not yet another italian joint!

  • Hicks St guy

    nabeguy, yes, that was a bit of a rant. haven’t been to the Waverly place, but my perception is people don’t go there, at those prices, to eat, but for the buzz.
    tb, get over yourself.

  • Cranky

    Good luck to them! I will try the new place but will miss LPM.

  • Billy Reno

    M/P always means Muy Pricey to me. Had a decent lobster roll for $4 at a
    McDonalds in Providence, RI.

  • someone

    @ Publius: Almost made it to the Lobster Dock in October. Unfortunately, I was a day late and they were closed for the season. Will try the next time.