DOH: Third Strike for Le Petit Marche

Photo: Karl Junkersfeld

Photo: Karl Junkersfeld

Le Petit Marche [46 Henry Street], as previously reported today, was closed by the Department of Health following it’s third subpar inspection since August, officials tell Brooklyn Heights Blog.  A look at the DOH website shows that the restaurant received 37 violation points in August and 44 in October. While the most recent inspection on the site was last week’s 23 violation points, the DOH still shut down the restaurant until the it files to have a re-inspection. DOH statement after the jump.

The Health Department closed Le Petit Marche on 11/19/09 after it accumulated 28 or more violation points on three inspections since August. They were found operating with washing equipment that is insufficient for sanitizing table and kitchenware, and for having shellfish without necessary tags and identification. Other factors that contributed to the closing include the restaurant was operating without a Food Protection Course certificate holder present.

In order to reopen, the operator of Le Petit Marche must correct all conditions that led to violations, submit an affidavit of correction to the Health Department and schedule a re-opening inspection.

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  • John

    good for them! I heard this place wasn’t clean. had no idea !

  • nabeguy

    Anybody know what a “shellfish tag” is?

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t know for certain, but I think it identifies the source such that it can be traced in case of contamination.

  • John

    this ain’t the city of lights !
    we are never going there ever again !

  • Gianluca

    The shellfish tag is a simple piece of plastic that stays in the refrigerator inside the basket that contains the Mussels or clams and not just identifie the source but primarely tells you the expiration date and consequentely how fresh they are. I didn’t have any time to see the DOH website but you don’t close a restaurant for that o for any other reason that I saw mentioned in the blog. A bigger issue is probably on, unless this is the third visit since they didn’t pass the first time and they didn’t correct their issues. In that case any reason can make them close. Onestely I can’t imagine any Restaurateur not fixing issues when the risk is the closing of the establishement. They give you enought time to correct them.

  • high brook

    They now have a sign up above the DOH sign attributing the closure to a “clerical error.”