Brooklyn Bridge “Kidnapping” Was Domestic Dispute

While certain Murdoch-controlled tabloids are reporting that there are madmen running rampant —again— BHB has learned that last week’s frightening “kidnapping” incident near the Brooklyn Bridge was a domestic dispute, not a random act.

As reported in the Brooklyn Paper, on November 11, a 37-year-old man was arrested for pulling a woman into a van after stealing her cell phone and driving around with her for an hour.

The man approached his 30-year-old girlfriend near the corner of Tillary and Adams streets, and grabbed the cell phone from her hands and walked to his van, where he pulled her in before driving around under the Brooklyn Bridge. The woman jumped out of the van, unharmed, and notified police who arrested the man.

The scary incident is not unheard of in domestic abuse cases, said Jane Welsh, a domestic abuse prevention expert.

If an angry partner tries to lure you away by stealing your property, do not follow them and call the police, she said.

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  • Clintonious Wow

    The Brooklyn Paper is not a tabloid; it’s a broadsheet.

  • The Where

    But they sure act like a tabloid.

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    Hey, Brooklyn Heights Blog:

    This is a weird item you posted. Your report does not question the validity of The Brooklyn Paper Police Blotter item, yet suggests that it is inaccurate.

    If indeed more details have come to light since the publication of our item, by all means report them. But it’s unfair to report that our initial item, which was based on the initial police report of the incident (and posted the same day, mind you) is inaccurate.

    You can be certain that The Brooklyn Paper is already at work on a follow-up to its initial exclusive report.


    The Brooklyn Paper