Brooklyn Paper Says Heights Means “Stability”

Today’s Brooklyn Paper, celebrating the publication’s thirtieth anniversary (see post below), features retrospective articles about the Borough’s neighborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights, of which it says:

To see Brooklyn Heights now is practically to see it as it was 30 years ago, if not more.

With a landmark designation and a height restriction of 50 feet imposed in the mid-1960s, development of luxury high rises that have come to dominate neighborhoods from Williamsburg to Downtown Brooklyn to DUMBO have been impossible in Brooklyn Heights.

The article then notes that, despite the lack of major physical change within the boundaries of the historic district, changes on its periphery, beginning with the construction of One Pierrepont Plaza, as well as the shift in storefront tenancy from locally-owned to chain stores, have affected the neighborhood. Read the article here.

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  • AEB

    “The high and low together are greater than the high alone”

    –St. Augustine

    Or words to that effect.