Happy 30th, Brooklyn Paper

Since starting BHB in 2006,  I have made it a point of expressing my admiration for Brooklyn Paper publisher Ed Weintrob whenever the subject of  “hyperlocal” media comes up.   Visionaries like him, the late great Paul Sidney from WLNG and Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner have all had an influence on my world view as a “publisher” in the 21st century.   All of them understood that being a good neighbor is the most important aspect of being in the local media business — and a little showbiz doesn’t hurt either.

Today, Ed writes about founding the Brooklyn Paper in 1979 on their website. It’s worth reading:

Brooklyn Paper: As I sat with a cadre of believers in Minsky’s Bar on Remsen Street back in 1978, envisioning a new kind of Brooklyn newspaper with the simplest of monikers, we strategized for the future — but certainly not for 30 years. We were young and somewhat reckless, and 30 years was a lifetime.

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