Le Petit Marche Closed, Papered Up


AEB, among other commenters, reports:

Homer, just passed by Le Petit Marche and it appears to have closed. Windows covered on the inside with taped brown paper.

Another commenter, Jonesy suggests:

From the rumor mill – Le Petit Marche isn’t closing. They are going to change their name, remodel, and bring back their old chef. I can see wanting to change their name after the whole DOH thing.


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  • Bongo

    Is that a Simpson’s DOH! or a Department of Health DOH!?

  • JM

    I would think either DOH! would be appropriate in this situation….

  • nabeguy

    Any ideas for the new name? “Je Survivrai!”

  • Bongo

    with the absence of an acute (é), “la longue marche” seems appropriate as a new name.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    “La Longue Marche”–would that feature French-Chinese fusion cuisine? Perhaps they could merge their kitchen with Great Wall’s.

  • AEB

    …LE Great Wall, svp……

  • Le Where

    Cher chez le doh

  • Bongo

    Chez D’Eau

  • my2cents

    Maybe they papered up over the new years break to avoid footage like this:

  • nabeguy

    Cruel, my2, cruel. Are you suggesting Ratatouille as a new name?

  • AEB

    (Homer, can someone there contact the owner to find out what’s planned–or has that been tried already? Thanks.)

  • Homer Fink

    No response yet

  • AEB

    No response. Hmmm. Will be interesting to see if someone gets back to you at all….

  • my2cents

    yeah that was mean but I couldn’t resist.

  • Arch Stanton

    LPM, Won’t be missed by me….

  • John Wentling

    Man, you guys are brutal.

  • nabeguy

    How arch of you, Stanton. I doubt they’re baking croissants for you either.