Millions Marchers Delay Trip to ER for MTA Employee Injured While Working at Court Street Station

MTA worker Vincent Dobe suffered leg injuries last night while on duty at Court Street station in Brooklyn Heights. EMS planned to take him to Bellevue Hospital but demonstrators participating in the Millions March were blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, reports the New York Daily News. Instead, he was taken to Lutheran Medical Center.

NYDN: Dobe, an 11-year Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee, was operating a work train at the Court St. station in Brooklyn Heights at about 7 p.m. when he got pinched between his train and a crane-equipped cab.

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  • ClaudeScales

    Pity he couldn’t be taken to LICH.

  • FormerEMS

    Sounds like incompetent EMS to me, as a former professional in the field. Lutheran was always going to be faster, and if you are going to Bellevue for a perceived superior service (which is a legitimate decision), the Manhattan Bridge is the better route anyway. Protests, traffic jams/accidents, construction, etc. are obstacles that EMS drivers have to overcome constantly. Making this about one group of protestors is ridiculous. The citizens of NYC, and seemingly everywhere else I’ve been in this country, are completely inconsiderate and unhelpful to those trying to save lives by getting them to the hospital ASAP.

  • Jorale-man

    Exactly. This post seems designed to get people riled up about the protesters when, fact is, there are all kinds of obstacles that the EMS has to deal with every day. Last night’s march was done with oversight by the police, who were managing the traffic flow around that area (as I witnessed). It sounds like there was some miscommunication (at best) by the first responders.

  • Jorale-man

    On a side note, interesting to see the pre-renovation Court Street station photo. What an improvement. Now if they could only retire the dirty old R trains.

  • Mike R

    My wife needed the emergency room a few weeks ago. We drove over to NYU-Langone (formerly LICH) and received prompt, excellent service. They asked us to tell people that they exist. Seemingly, people are choosing to go elsewhere. However, as I understand it, ambulances don’t bring people there. If it’s purely a walk-in emergency room, then how does it differ from an urgent care center?

  • ClaudeScales

    Ambulance service has been restored to the former LICH, now NYU-Langone Medical Center, but only for non-critical matters. It’s possible the MTA worker could have been treated there:

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    According to Gothamist: “His only injury was a bruise on his left leg,” an MTA spokesman told us.

    Thankfully, not as bad as first reported.( )

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    These demonstrations are in many ways
    A political oldies but goodies fest. I saw
    one of marchers interviewed and he was
    A classmate who was in the SDS back
    then and ….it’s the same old act all over
    again!…..some 35 or 40 years later!!!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Tell them — if they put in a full-service hospital to back up and make their’s a true ER, which would give this community what it really needs (and had stolen from them), people would use their services.

  • ClaudeScales

    I’m glad to know he’s maintained his commitment to social justice.

  • ujh

    For your information, traffic on the Manhattan Bridge was at a virtual stand-still because of the closure of the Brooklyn Bridge. All Manhattan-bound vehicles had to be diverted to the Manhattan Bridge. So much for your wisdom.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Non it’s just the same old I’m cool
    Because I’m to be considered a
    Dashing, daring radical. This just
    The same as a couple from the 50 ‘ s
    Going to a r & r oldies show or a
    former disco king going to his
    old club. It’s classic return to his
    treasured Era for a visit. A LOT of
    the 20 ‘ s types you talk to at these demos really feel they missed a great
    cool Era of 67 to say, 71 and this
    is a way for them to be a part of the
    era which they think was so coool….

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    You’re incredibly cynical, aren’t you?

  • Lori

    Yes, the loss of LICH is terrible. Broke my leg two years ago and got wonderful service – saw triage, ER physician.x-rays and was casted by the resident Ortho and out within 3 hours. Recently broke my arm; went to Methodist Hospital; after going thru triage, MD, and x-rays confirming the break, I was told there was no Ortho on duty. They wanted to admit me overnight so it could be casted the next day. Ridiculous. Instead, they splinted me and I saw my own Ortho the next day. What a waste of time and money.

  • Andrew Porter

    Does the posting style—first letter of each line Capitalized—remind you of any other poster here? A believe someone has tried to change their spots…

  • ccar

    Lich was not and is not a trauma center. His level or mode of injury meant the ambulance had to go to a level one trauma center, the closest one was blocked by the march. Hospitals get different er designations based on services, a 24 hr neurologist, a catherization lab, pediatrics etc. For day to day things, any er will do, but specialty centers handle the big stuff.