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Not-So-Welcome New Neighbors: Rats Invade Brooklyn Heights

We all know that our neighborhood is enticing for both residents and visitors, but some recent newcomers have not been received with customary Brooklyn Heights warmth. Not a few regular BHB comments have observed over the last few months that rats in the neighborhood seemed to be on the increase, and in today’s New York […]

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Cranberry Street Poster: Don’t Feed the Rats!

Moments after reading one resident’s poster on Cranberry Street about the proper disposal of dog poop, we spotted another across the street about the War on Rats. As any resident of Brooklyn Heights knows, we are in a constant battle with these vile creatures. That is clearly one of the motivations of the poster who […]

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Rats at Brooklyn Bridge Park? Myer: “Absolutely not.”

News that the City has asked for bids to provide pest control services at Brooklyn Bridge Park, along with reports by some local residents of having seen rats near the playground at Pier 6, has aroused some concern. New York Post: Is there a rat problem at Brooklyn Bridge Park? “Absolutely not,” said Regina Myer, […]

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Biomonde: The Green Exterminators

Biomonde: The Green Exterminators from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo. Since I started at the BHB, I frequently get random and confusing emails from Homer. To wit: a recent one that said, “Green exterminators!” Green exterminators? “What is that, an aardvark on a leash?” a friend asked. I had no answers, but I thought that was […]

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North Heights Residents Invited to Meeting About Rats.

A reader has advised us that she has received a flyer inviting residents of Cranberry, Middagh, and Willow Streets to a meeting at 20 Willow, at 7:00 P.M. on Monday, September 29, to discuss the issue of rats in the neighborhood. Given the comment on this week’s Open Thread Wednesday about a foul odor emanating […]

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Rat Finds Parking in Brooklyn Heights

First the good news – this rat found a parking space on Willow Street this morning.  Now the bad news – it was a street cleaning day and he was parked illegally.  And paid the price. Photo: Mrs. Fink

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