Biomonde: The Green Exterminators

Biomonde: The Green Exterminators from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.

Since I started at the BHB, I frequently get random and confusing emails from Homer. To wit: a recent one that said, “Green exterminators!” Green exterminators? “What is that, an aardvark on a leash?” a friend asked. I had no answers, but I thought that was awfully clever.

But no, these exterminators are Nicole and Jonnie Falco, who have been around the neighborhood for almost 20 years working their chem-free magic on everything from carpet cleaning to window washing. Now, they’ve brought that non-toxic philosophy to exterminating with Biomonde, and pest control has never smelled better.

I admit I was skeptical, having been raised on Muhammad Ali D-Con ads and roach motels. Sure, they never worked well, but that’s just the way it was and we liked it! But one hour filming the Falcos completely changed my mind. What impressed me was their research into what people had done in the past—even the Ancient Egyptian exterminators. (Note to self: start King Tut Exterminators. Make millions. Buy Brooklyn Heights Blog.)

They discovered that cedar oil was what not only drove bugs into another area code, it also dehydrated and destroyed their eggs. And, it even works outside if you like your BBQs without mosquitoes. In addition, the cedar oil scent is amazing and non-toxic. Jonnie even sprayed some in his hair (it gets rid of fleas and ticks on dogs and lice on humans).

One last note: another Homer email I’d recently gotten said, “Rats!” I ran it through the translator and discovered that he wanted me to cover the increase of rats on the promenade. There is a bin on the Orange St. side that had been teeming with gigantic rats, which I had videotaped (while shrieking) over several days. Could Biomonde get rid of that horror? You’ll see in the above video: one treatment and they were not only gone a few hours later, but all of Memorial Day Weekend, which I imagine would’ve been a rat’s paradise. Additional treatments will be needed to keep the rats at bay, but coming up: Jonnie will put cedar chips around the bin, and we’ll cover the results.

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  • Zandra

    that’s awesome!!

  • AAR

    An unsolicited testimonial — I have used Johnny Falco for windows, carpet/rug cleaning and extermination. He and his team are great to work with and very sensitive to environmental issues. Here are some appropriate words to describe Johnny and his services – reliable, professional, quick, thorough, tidy, pleasant, effective, helpful, and cooperative. He has a great sense of humor and is always cheerful and enthusiastic. Biomonde is not the least expensive, but in my experience worth it.

  • nabeguy

    Not for nothing, the rats were gone the next day, but so was most of the garbage in the can. A real test would be to load it up with watermelon rinds and see what happens.