Pier 6 is Awesome Says Mr. Junkersfeld

Beyond the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6’s VIP opening ceremony yesterday is the fact that a great new park is now in our backyard.  Our Karl Junkersfeld has created this homage.

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  • bornhere

    Great tribute to what should be a forever wonderful park. Montague Street and blocks south looked particularly well populated this weekend, and it was really nice to see more community in our community. On Saturday, a neighbor, with her water-soaked 2-year-old in tow, said they had a fine time at the park and that the space was spectacular.
    Now, if they could just find a way to work Karl’s excellent musical choices into the experience….

  • Matthew Parker

    Karl: I share the same sentiment as the closing graphic on your excellent video.

  • Emily

    Looks like a nice place. What is a good way to get to the new parks that are opening? I ran over the bridge this morning, but didn’t see this part of the park from there.

  • drumroll

    Thank you! That was awesome.

  • Nancy

    What a great place!! Wish they had it when my kiddies were younger. I will definitely have my kids check out that water park though!

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    It was really amazing dropping by there yesterday. The water park was a little “Lord of the Flies”y. They will need someone to be there to stop kids from clogging the waterways with gravel and dirt but otherwise it was really cool. We were there around 3:30 on Sunday and it was absolute chaos in the water area. Swing area was cool, too. The slides need some polishing to make them faster IMHO. Saw a lot of kids stall out. The park is really killer and has so much great seating for adults. Can’t wait for the rest to open.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Great job, Karl! Now let’s crash the water park.

  • Alanna

    Can adults crash the water park? I wish there was something like this for US!

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Can you exert your enormous influence and see if we could arrange a midnight event at the “water lab” for Brooklyn Heights blog readers some evening. The password could be the answer to the following question:

    How many rats were in Heather’s video?

    If they can answer that question correctly they get admitted.

    I have no doubt, a bunch of adults with some wine and cheese close by would have a wonderful time in that area.

    Homer, give it a try.


    Homer, I don’t wash windows or film rats. I got to draw the line somewhere. And Heather, you are incredible. I thought you were fooling about Homer’s rat request but apparently you weren’t . I should know better. Heather, maybe a TimeLapse could be performed on the rat area. Only kidding. Talking TimeLapse, check out this cool video.


  • nabeguy

    Karl, two-legged or four-legged?

  • Ursula Hahn

    Landscaping and recreation features are incredible. Was there on Saturday and Sunday, and based on what I saw by the second day, the “water works” may consume the biggest chunk of maintenance dollars in the future.

  • nabeguy

    Karl, when you referred to the rats in Heather’s film, I thought you were referencing the one she made about the opening of Pier 6, hence my query about two-legged or four-legged variety. My bad.

  • Mom

    Thanks Karl, you got a few shots of my kids in the video and they are thrilled to see themeselves! We even sent the link to grandma & grandpa! My kids were in heaven at this park and we have been their every day now; what a fantastic place to play.

  • davoyager

    Water park has some design flaws reminiscent of the stainless domes at pier 1. My son split his lip climbing a smoothly polished perfectly round stone water fountain. When I went by there today I saw toddlers in diapers climbing this small booby trap.
    I suspect this particular feature will be modified or removed in the near future. I personally don’t understand why they couldn’t score a few horizontal lines in the thing so the kids could maintain some traction but what do I know?

  • gatornyc

    davoyager this is not directed at you specifically, but it is simply amazing to me that every time a child splits a lip or busts a nose when playing it’s someone’s fault. Let’s state the obvious…kids can get hurt when they play so matter how safe the equipment. Risk of injury is just part of play. Heck it’s part of learning (hmm…maybe I’ll approach that differently so I won’t get hurt next time). Otherwise, no more bike riding because you can fall off and get hurt. Hell, no more running, a kid might trip and skin a knee or split a lip. I got hurt countless times as a kid and it was almost always no one’s fault but my own. I think that is probably just as true for kids today as it was then.

  • davoyager

    Regardless it is our job as adults to try and keep kids safe not leave hazards around which increase the chance of injury.
    Since this park was designed for small children it is important not to have hazards built in. And gatornyc, since you haven’t actually seen the item I’m talking about you should take more care forming your opinion.

  • nabeguy

    I happen to think the water lab is great, but I see davoyager’s point. My 8 year old is fairly agile and a pretty good climber, but I caught myself cringing with worry a few times watching her crawl over the rock formations, which I can only imagine will get even more slippery over time through erosion. Kids love to take risks (like the one I saw climbing up the OUTSIDE of the tube on the teepee slide), but that doesn’t mean, as adults, we should make it it easier for them to break their necks.

  • Remsen

    You cannot stop kids from running and as such, there will be a number of accidents…especially at the water lab. The dock thing sharp corners seems like one danger spot as kids run through the deeper water there. But these items are what the kids love and makes the park interesting

  • Lisa H.

    Wanted to go to this park with my son & sister (who has been a resident of the heights for about 40 years). She tells me she thinks there are no facilities there (bathrooms specifically). Can anyone confirm that to be true? Thanks so much. This place looks awesome!!

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    There are portable bathrooms on Pier 6 for public use. You should be fine.