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Cranberry Street Poster: Don’t Feed the Rats!

Moments after reading one resident’s poster on Cranberry Street about the proper disposal of dog poop, we spotted another across the street about the War on Rats. As any resident of Brooklyn Heights knows, we are in a constant battle with these vile creatures. That is clearly one of the motivations of the poster who […]

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Biomonde Hates Bedbugs!

With talk that bedbugs will infest us this summer like one of the great plagues of Egypt, I thought it would be a good idea to bring back the video we did with Biomonde. This husband-and-wife team of exterminators uses cedar oil to kill nasty vermin; the cedar oil also dries out the insect eggs […]

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Biomonde: The Green Exterminators

Biomonde: The Green Exterminators from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo. Since I started at the BHB, I frequently get random and confusing emails from Homer. To wit: a recent one that said, “Green exterminators!” Green exterminators? “What is that, an aardvark on a leash?” a friend asked. I had no answers, but I thought that was […]

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