Biomonde Hates Bedbugs!

With talk that bedbugs will infest us this summer like one of the great plagues of Egypt, I thought it would be a good idea to bring back the video we did with Biomonde. This husband-and-wife team of exterminators uses cedar oil to kill nasty vermin; the cedar oil also dries out the insect eggs (vom). Apparently it’s also what Ancient Egyptian exterminators used (because they had those nasty plagues and all). So if you or someone you love has bedbugs, or you want to take a few preventative measures, holler “Biomonde!” Or you can contact them here. Watch video after the jump.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Microabrasives also work with some pests as a non or low toxic approach. These are substances which tear holes in insect’s exoskeletons. So Insects dehydrate and die. But like fleas, you have to also kill the eggs otherwise you have a building problem returning next week.

  • Beth

    Thanks for the info. Biomonde is definetely pretty good and works when you come home with bed bugs in your luggage already. For me prevention is the key! I searched the net for protection against bed bugs and I found a very innovative and unique anti bed bugs sheet by Wherever I have been since last year I always slept on this protective bedbugs-free sheet.Its very light and you can easily store it in your bag. My family ans I selpt well on it.

  • biomonde

    It’s true we hate bedbugs! In fact, many of our clients in the Heights use our preventative services to avoid the nasty critters from even taking hold. We spray their bedrooms and mattresses with our beneficial cedar formulation – leaving their room smelly dreamy to all except the vermin!
    For more personal protection as you travel…we have the “Kootie Killer!” a 4oz. personal bottle of our cedar formulation. Spray it on your theatre seat, hotel bed, office chair, anywhere you go. It is available at Go Green Brooklyn on Atlantic, and the UPS store in Brooklyn Heights.
    We want to keep BB out of BH!