North Heights Residents Invited to Meeting About Rats.

A reader has advised us that she has received a flyer inviting residents of Cranberry, Middagh, and Willow Streets to a meeting at 20 Willow, at 7:00 P.M. on Monday, September 29, to discuss the issue of rats in the neighborhood.

Given the comment on this week’s Open Thread Wednesday about a foul odor emanating from the former Busy Chef space, I wonder if there could be a connection.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh hi, I’m surprised you have not posted anything about the bezerk parolee who bolted out of the Federal offices on Pierrepont Street ten minutes before school let out at St. Ann’s, and who was pursued by armed marshalls. This is exactly the kind of scenario we were promised would not happen by the Federal Judge in charge, Obviously he did not know what he was talking about. plenty of desperate ex-cons have to visit this facility right next to St. Ann. Why haven’t you covered this story?

  • James

    Is the above comment true? Please let us know.

  • Anonymous

    yes, it was covered by TV News and by the Brownstoner blog. go to and read more about it.

  • bhmom

    It is absolutely true, but why did you post it under the Rats heading?

  • Anonymous

    because the brooklyn heights blog either had not heard about it or was censoring it.

  • Claude Scales

    Please see my new top post on the One Pierrepont incident. I should have caught this, but didn’t. It was not censored.

  • nigle

    Censored? What an odd implication to make, Mom.

  • Anonymous

    actually several of my posts have been censored on this blog even though they contained no profanity or the like. This blog censors content fairly heavily.

  • Anonymous

    I agree on the censoring, but I think it is more based on the location. I have noticed that I cannot post a message from work without the message being placed on hold, but if I send the exact same message from home it gets posted instantly. If someone could shed a light on this it would be great.

  • nigle

    Sorry, Mom Anonymous. Didn’t realize that was happening.

  • North Heights Residents Invited to Meeting About Rats.

    Can someone post the contact info for this RATS meeting. I’d love to get more info about it. Thanks