Rats at Brooklyn Bridge Park? Myer: “Absolutely not.”

News that the City has asked for bids to provide pest control services at Brooklyn Bridge Park, along with reports by some local residents of having seen rats near the playground at Pier 6, has aroused some concern.

New York Post: Is there a rat problem at Brooklyn Bridge Park?

“Absolutely not,” said Regina Myer, president of the city development corporation overseeing the park’s construction, when asked today about the city recently soliciting bids from firms interested in providing pest management and exterminator services for the 85-acre project.

The Post quotes Myer as saying the city is being “pro-active”, seeking to avoid a problem ever arising.

Good news for Dodger and her or his family and friends: according to the article, “city officials say they have no desire to weed muskrats out.”

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  • epc

    Maybe not on Pier 1/Pier 6 but the Main Street section definitely has rats (moreso in the summer than now).

  • EHinBH

    The whole park has rats — of course. Everywhere around the City near the river has some rats. Can’t be as bad as UES, though.

  • bklyn20

    If there are no rats in BBP, then I guess the llttle red flags hidden inside the borders of the planted areas near Pier 6 are to herald the site of the 2020 Olympics (miniature version?)

    I have seen dogs dashing after rats at night there (sadly, sore shoulders on the leash-holding owners seems to be inevitable.)

    Some rats are to be expected, really — the park is on the water, there are food purveyors, and there is already plenty of garbage generated by 1BBP and the park visitors. At this point, the public trash cans going up Joralemon are regularly overflowing since there are not enough cans inside the confines of BBP.

    Was this found out through an RFP? If yes, can we see some of the missing ones?

    Seriously, I have MANY problems with the current plan for the park, but rats at a waterside park are to be expected, and then controlled. I hope the muskrat can’t eat the poison, as I consider him to be sacrosanct.

  • Brooklynite

    If you walk by the bushes that grow along the fence of the basketball court on Atlantic Ave near the entrance to the BQE at night you will hear and see rats. They have been there since before Pier 6 was built and I am sure they have migrated down there. I think you can even see some of their burrowing holes. Welcome to NYC living!

  • icrats

    Ive seen lots of rats on the corner of joralemon and furman st. I honestly thought they were cats. Huge!!!!

  • william

    Regina Myer shows delusional thinking by claiming there are no rats scurrying around inside her Brooklyn Heights, Waterfront Condo Development.

    I have seen rats all over Furman Street and Joralemon Street just after dark. Everyone has. No rats my @zz. Regina has no credibility making a statement like that.

    The tax payers deserve a more responsible leader at the BBP spending their 300 million in tax payer money for a waterfront condo development – posing as a “park” with special world class rules.

    Fire her silly @zz, and then perform a responsible accounting of the all the tax money she has spent/wasted. Please.

    We even have rats at Boro Hall, for goodness sake. And not all of them are politicians.

  • QuicksilverLady

    heehee! Before they put in the new garbage cans in the Main Street section, I would amuse myself on evening walks there by listening for the rustling (open top) garbage cans and, when I found one that was good and rustle-y, I would give it a sharp kick at the base and then jump back to watch the startled rats abandon ship!

    I never got more than three out at a time. I suppose the hardier ones just stayed in there and ignored me like real New Yorkers.