Muskrat Love at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Karl Junkersfeld discovers actual wildlife at Brooklyn Bridge Park and he names it “Dodger”.   Is this muskrat supposed to be there?  Has he been bused in or is he a native?  Anyone know?

And should we be cranking this song?

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  • Big Dave

    No one has commented and I think Dodger deserves accolades for her/his being an intrepid explorer and possible homesteader. Much cuter than a Norway rat, BTW.

  • Tony

    Fantastic – I hope he’s regarded as an asset and not vermin. “Dodger” – works for me. i can already see the t-shirts, mugs, hats…

  • AmyinBH

    I think the city should sell the t-shirts etc. to help fund the park.

  • GHB

    How’d he get there, and can he survive in that salty water?

  • Demonter

    Muskrats are more akin to Beavers than to the urban Norway Brown Rat. They are aquatic and avoid interacting with humans as much as possible. Also, Muskrats don’t feed on garbage.

  • bkre

    That pond is actually rain water that is being filtered through those ponds to be re-used to irrigate the lawns at the park. Not salt water.

  • nabeguy

    First off, can anyone explain to me what was up with the Captain? Secondly, I love the name “Dodger” but, in keeping with the baseball references and this site, wouldn’t “Homer” be a better moniker?

  • ujh

    Karl, fantastic discovery. I’ve also seen Mallard ducks, cormorans and one egret.

  • GHB

    bkre, thanks for the info!

  • nabeguy

    Does anyone know if these various species are being placed in the environment? Not that that would be a bad thing. but I’m trying to figure out how a muskrat and egret found their way to our neck of the urban woods.

  • davoyager

    the gov’nr island ferry

  • davoyager

    All those aquatic plants so lovingly placed there are like a salad to these guys. I’m sure the park people aren’t pleased to see this creature before abundant insect life has colonized this new piece of land to give this creature a food source other than their careful and no doubt expensive plantings.

  • David on Middagh

    Karl, thanks for this video report. Love the wildlife! I hope Dodger works out, and can stay.

  • Gary

    My wife and I saw Dodger last night and it made my day. I’ve been hoping to see it since this was posted.

    As for where it came from, my best guess is he migrated down from the Bronx River area. As davoyager noted, I doubt they’d intentionally introduce something to eat the fresh plantings so soon. But it goes to show what a terrific job they did of creating an ecosystem here.

  • Liz

    I think Dodger had babies. We saw at least 3 maybe 4 little dudes in there tonight!

  • hoppy


    Oh here we go,

    Let me guess the names….Jackie, Duke, Pee Wee, Gil ?

  • Claude Scales

    If there’s a female, name it Hilda, for Hilda Chester.

  • David G

    following the baseball theme:

    If you build it, they will come!