Rat Finds Parking in Brooklyn Heights

First the good news – this rat found a parking space on Willow Street this morning.  Now the bad news – it was a street cleaning day and he was parked illegally.  And paid the price.

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • partier

    that’s how i felt friday night. or maybe it was saturday morning.

  • E G

    Oh that’s no fun.

    There was a huge beast of a rat dead on the street (of unknown causes) when a street sweeper truck came along and sucked it right up. A missed photo op… I considered an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records might be possible.

  • yo


    That wasn’t a rat, that was my pet cat!!! oh noes……

  • AliG

    Mrs. Fink, that’s horrible…
    Surely you could have posted a prettier photo this morning. Please, no more dead animal photos on this normally beautiful & cheery website.

  • Jazz

    You all must be from the sticks. Welcome the Brooklyn, ya babies.

  • my2cents

    Disgusting? Yes. But undeniably a hilarious caption! I cracked up last night when I read that!

  • nabeguy

    One question HF…how is the Chuck Bass story a related post to this one (other than the 11201 tag)?

  • T.K. Small

    Do not show this photo to the good folks at PETA.

  • Just a Neighbor

    That was completely gross and unnecessary. Come on, guys.

  • Jazz a Genius

    You’re funny. Work the Catskills much?

  • nigel

    That’s in poor taste. Rat or not, it was a living creature at one time.

  • p

    Failed attempt at being funny.

  • Stan

    p i don’t think nigel was trying to be funny, however his comment is wildly hilarious.

  • nigel

    Stan, compassion is your strong suit, eh?

  • Stan

    Yes it is. I focus on humans.

  • nigel

    How limiting.

  • p

    I was actually referring to this post. I agree with Nigel.