Kid Talks BBP Plan

Today,  Daniel “Kid” Squadron laid out his plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park at a press conference on Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street.  The Democratic upstart is challenging three decade incumbent NYS Senator Martin Connor in the September 9 primary.  Squadron will be on the November ballot regardless of the primary outcome via the Working Families Party.

The Brooklyn Eagle reports on Squadron’s vision of Brooklyn Bridge Park:

Brooklyn Eagle: Connor Opponent: First, Squadron wants Brooklyn Bridge Park to be developed as part of a network of New York Harbor parks, also including Hudson River Park, Governors Island and some parkland on the East River.

Second, and more controversially, he wants to do away with the plan to place high-rise condo buildings at either end of the proposed park – one at Atlantic Avenue, where he held Tuesday’s press conference, and the other at the Manhattan Bridge. Supporters of the park’s official plan say they are necessary to provide a steady flow of revenues for park maintenance and improvements…

…“After years of delay, and a new five-year delay announced just last week, we need new leadership in the state Senate to get this park built,” said Squadron. “Our communities, our borough and our city deserve a real, world-class park with year-round recreation – without having our waterfront turned into a de facto backyard for luxury condo towers.”

Squadron has won the endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg as well as his mentor Sen. Chuck Schumer. Connor discussed the fall election, Schumer’s backing of his opponent and the public manner in which he learned of it as well as other issues facing the 25th State Senate district on last Friday’s The Homer Fink Show (listen now).

Daniel Squadron will be on this Friday’s edition of The Homer Fink Show LIVE at 4pm.

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  • Beavis

    With the Kid coming out against the luxury condos, how does he propose to pay for the estimated $15 million/year in annual park maintenance?

    Easy to pander to voters, hard to make things happen without money. I’m curious to hear him go into that level of detail during his appearance on the Homer Fink Show (hosted by Homer Fink).

  • nicky215

    Thanks Daniel
    Finally someone who doen’t give away our precious waterfront for a buck like clubhouse Connor did

  • Beavis

    I’d also be happy to have the park maintenance paid for by our tax dollars. However, the deal that’s been inked with the Port Authority and the State and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (state run and the entity in charge of building the park) mandates that the park must be self sustaining. That’s a done deal, has been for quite a while. I disagree with it, but we all have to live with it. There will be no park without the funding to maintain it.

    Perhaps Squadron proposes to undo the “done deal”? That would be interesting, but highly unlikely in this era of drastically shrinking state and city funding.

  • nicky215

    Thanks Daniel. We can have a park without condos…don’t let the negatives get you down.. connor made this deal..across the river shelly silver gets a real park .. One without housing for his people. Why is our public land for sale and shelly silvers’ isn’t. Marty can you explain that?