Open Thread Wednesday 8/20/08

BHB Photo Club pic by esabet via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by esabet via Flickr

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • AB

    I looked through the window of The Busy Chef yesterday and saw a bunch of flies and bugs inside. Pretty gross, and especially worrying since I live above the store. Does anyone know the laws/regulations of cleaning out a restaurant after it closes?

  • Brittanygh

    I saw a two low flying airplanes over BH this morning at 7:20 as I walked to the 2/3 train. Did anyone else see them? Does anyone know why they were there?

  • my2cents

    Actually I feel like the frequency of helicopter and small plane flights over the North heights has been really really high this week for some reason. Seems like a chopper buzzes my apartment like every few minutes during rush hour. Has anyone noticed an increase or is it just my imagination?

  • nelson

    Yep….the low flyers, especially the heli’s are really annoying…their racket, vibrating between buildings is really a pain…seems like every weekday morning aroung 6:30… are they really necessary and couldn’t they pose a possible danger to grounded residents?

  • Luke C

    I’ve been calling 311 about the helicopters and for a while they were telling me to call the Northeast Helicopter Pilot’s Assn. (which seems like calling the NRA to complain about guns) and now they suggest calling the Economic Development Forum.

    I really feel like they’re diminishing the quality of life or at least of sleep with their early morning visits which sometimes last up to 45 minutes!

    The only possible danger I see is when I finally lose my mind and start shooting at them!

  • my2cents

    Yeah, I saw one the other day hovering over the river and thought, man it’d be so easy to take that one out! heh heh.
    But seriously i think they aren’t dangerous but just annoying. Thankfully they don’t seem as disruptive on weekends. I do wish they would fly a little higher over Brooklyn, though.

  • yo

    Check the 311 website (I know, a website for a phone number?). There is a form for reporting helicopter noise there.

  • yo

    I’m afraid to ask this question, but here goes…has anyone eaten at spicy pickle? I hate to say it, but the menu *looks* pretty good.

    But I’ve avoided the place under the assumption that the food is subway-quality….any input?

  • k

    I loathe the helicopters. They are sometimes so loud that if we have the windows open, I wake up thinking I’m in the middle of a war. There should be a minimum height requirement for the pesky buggers over residential neighborhood, the news helis should not be allowed to hover in one place for more than 15 minutes.

  • Chris H

    Anyone else from Concord Village check this blog? I have been at Concord Village (the Co-Op on Adams Street, the service road to the Brooklyn Bridge across from the EDNY/OEM) since 2006, and have always considered myself as a Brooklyn Heights resident (as opposed to Dumbo, Downtown, etc.). Agree? Disagree? Just curious what, if anything, people who live near Fruit Salad/Henry/Montague/Etc. think of Concord Village. For what it’s worth, I think it is a fantastic complex in an awesome location that has some excellent deals (and no, I’m not a broker, but do own there).

  • Alex

    What’s on my mind? Well, I was supposed to move into the Riverside Apartments on Sept 1, but here it is, August 20, and the management still hasn’t gotten their act together enough to let me sign a lease. Things are not looking good. So I’m mouring the possible loss of the opportunity to move to your lovely neighborhood, which I’ve been obsessed with (perusing this blog several times a day, among other things) since the propsect of moving in arose.

    Maybe one of you has an affordable 1-bedroom lead?

  • nabeguy

    Saw the airplanes and, from the looks of things, it appeared to be a movie shoot involving a skywriter-type plane (smoking from its rear) and a lead plane that was flying in tight formation just in front of it, persumably the camera plane

  • bdm

    Thanks, nabeguy, that makes sense. My son was freaked out that the planes were flying so low and close to each other with the smoking coming out the back; and I couldnt figure out what was going on.

  • GHB

    Anybody notice that the trees and shrubs on the Promenade south of Montague are all turning brown? And the honey locusts are pretty much bare? It’s too far from the waterfall to be saltwater spray related, and it’s not like we haven’t gotten rain this summer. Anybody know anything about it?

  • nabeguy

    Oooops…that should read “presumably” (a bit of a “white trash” slip of the tongue there)

  • lugarshz

    Can anyone explain this:

    On henry street (near clark I think) there are all these weird blue icons painted on the street. Lots of dotted line, some arrow-like things. Strangest of all, every now and then there is a rather cryptic ocean-wave sorta thing painted. Anyone know what these are for??

  • brooklynite

    those blue icons are to lead you towards the waterfalls.

    i wouldn’t be surprised is the plants that are mentioned above were actually turning brown because of the waterfall. you might think it is far away but once it gets into teh air and teh winds blow…. it travels

  • my2cents

    I love how Olafur Eliasson’s “green” artwork consumes energy constantly and kills surrounding plants. Do you think this is part of some ironic artistic statement?

  • travy

    the spray from the falls definitely hits the promenade and it really sux! worst public art project ever…

  • CV

    In answer to the question about Concord Village: I live there and consider myself very much part of Bklyn Heights. We are zoned for the Bklyn Heights public school, and a great many of the children in Concord Village attend P.S. 8. We shop in Brooklyn Heights, dine in Brooklyn Heights, exercise in Brooklyn Heights, use the parks in Brooklyn Heights, send our children to summer camp in Brooklyn Heights, socialize in Brooklyn Heights, use doctors in Brooklyn Heights, etc. We are approximately a five – eight minute walk to the heart of Brooklyn Heights. The families in Concord Village are very community minded. We have two communities — Concord Village (smaller) and Brooklyn Heights (larger).

  • mopostal

    I ate at the Spicy Pickle on Monday night and have to say it’s not too bad. The menu is huge and the service was fairly fast. I’d stay away from the Pizzetti, it was definitely “fresh from the freezer.”

  • hickster

    i know there is much bitching on here re:cell phone stores. well, this weekend, my verizon cell (my only phone and link to world as well as bldg intercom) died and i must say it was pretty damn nice and convenient to get the problem handled in 15 minutes total rather than taking one of the jacked up weekend subways to manhattan.

  • Claude Scales

    Yesterday evening, about 8:30, I heard what sounded like the vocalist for Vampire Weekend singing A-Punk while accompanying himself on ukulele, near the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade. I went outside, but by the time I reached street level, the music was gone. Did anyone else hear this?

  • Hannah

    I ate at the new Vegetarian Ginger place today for lunch. Ordered the dry sauteed green beans, which were not dry (but dripping in oil). They did just open, so am sure they’ll have some growing pains – but did anyone else order from there/try it out?

    I did like the red/brown rice that came with the green beans. Very tasty.


  • Andrew Porter

    I noticed a lot of work at the soon-to-be-dentist’s office at 100 Pineapple Walk, former site of the Red Cross and Cadman Travel. Lots of little cubicles being made, presumably so you’ll have privacy as they fix your teeth.

    Also, the stench from rotting food at the former Blue Pig/Oven/etc restaurants is noticeable. I think I’ll call 311 and complain….

  • No One Of Consequence

    Goggle Brothers sighting in SoHe; Henry St. crossing Joralemon.

    I’ve never seen them before but they were both there.

  • Bob Jacobs

    Seems like the dentist office at pineapple walk is coming along very quickly. Should be open much before Gristedes! I know that I am overdue for a cleaning and checkup. Should be a nice, convenient location.

  • Sensei Brian

    I introduced myself to the owner a couple of weeks ago. She said they hope to be open by October.

  • Publius

    Looks like Sarah Palin’s teenage abstinence policies have failed close to home–discuss.