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Swastikas, Trump, And A Kids Park: A Personal Note

It’s Mrs. Fink. Hey!  I haven’t been here much.  Besides my daughter, my husband loved (LOVED) this blog and this community more than anything. So, it’s hard for me.  Baby Fink, as Homer lovingly called her, had to witness his death in our Brooklyn Heights apartment.  That she, or ANY of our children have to […]

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Adam Yauch Park Defaced With Hateful Graffitti – Electeds Organize “Stand Up Against Hate” For This Sunday

Hate is on our doorstep, where our children play. On Friday afternoon a resident alerted Senator Daniel Squadron’s office that Adam Yauch Park playground had been defaced with swastikas and the message, “Go Trump.”  The Daily News reports The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident and the Parks Department is in the […]

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Swastikas and Trump Graffiti Discovered At Adam Yauch Park

Earlier this evening, graffiti of swastikas and “Go Trump” were discovered at Adam Yauch Park. We should have more shortly. DEVELOPING….

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Lame Graffiti Artist Strikes Again at Fruit Street Sitting Area in Brooklyn Heights

Graffiti has returned to the Fruit Street Sitting Area a few weeks after what appeared to be a Citibike inspired attack. The Parks Department removed those scibblings a day after the bike racks were cleaned. Last year, Parks was also quick to remove a World Trade Center tribute many believe was created by world reknowned […]

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Some Jerk Spray Painted “Scam” at the Fruit Street Citibike Station in Brooklyn Heights

Our man with a cam Karl Junkersfeld was on the scene today at the Fruit Street Citibike docking station as workers were cleaning up a mess left by a Citibike hating vandal. A BHB tipster informed us of this “protest” this morning: Serious vandalism occurred overnight at the northern end of the promenade on Columbia […]

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Someone Painted a Mural on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and It’s Brilliant

A “guerrilla” mural was painted along the side of a Columbia Heights building on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. BHB commenter/contributor “Petercow” was the first to notice and filed a video report on this week’s OTW. Update: Watch this video of the destroyed mural The origin remains a mystery […]

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Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs at Brooklyn Borough Hall

There have been some wacky sights at Borough Hall, but the fact that this truck of stuffed animals may be attached to that are part of shadowy graffiti artist Banksy’s “Sirens of the Lambs” made many take notice. Including the Daily News—although they couldn’t verify that this was the work of Banksy, they did get […]

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Instructive Graffiti on Clark Street

While walking to the Clark St. station for your morning commute, you may have seen some chalk talk on the wall. In addition to “Tell Someone You Love Them xoxo” there are a couple others after the jump.

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Opinion: Karl on Middagh Street Graffiti and More [VIDEO]

In the few years that Karl Junkersfeld has been contributing to Brooklyn Heights Blog via video verite we have seen him sing the praises of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Noodle Pudding, Iris Cafe and many other neighborhood hotspots and landmarks.

Today, Mr. Junkersfeld’s takes on Middagh Street graffiti and some other issues. While his opinions do not reflect the ownership or staff of Brooklyn Heights Blog and its affiliates, we think you’ll find it to be his finest moment. Watch it after the jump.

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Aggravating Assault: Graffiti Appears To Be Escalating In Brooklyn Heights

When well-traveled NYC graffiti “artist” Lewy BTM tagged the Brooklyn Bridge with his trademark squiggle design late last month, it was noted that the last time the national landmark was so adorned was during the Clinton era, in 1998. The same spot 199 feet above the East River was marred to great infamy in 1988 […]

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