Someone Painted a Mural on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and It’s Brilliant

A “guerrilla” mural was painted along the side of a Columbia Heights building on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. BHB commenter/contributor “Petercow” was the first to notice and filed a video report on this week’s OTW.

Update: Watch this video of the destroyed mural

The origin remains a mystery — who knows what the deal is?

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  • petercow

    Definitely made my morning.

  • ClaudeScales

    Sadly, mostly scraped off this afternoon.

  • David on Middagh

    Is anyone else seeing the goblin shark in the after-panel of the YouTube video? Sometimes I wonder about those algorithms.

  • tvc

    It’s hideous and it’s vandalism! Too bad for the folks who live in that building and have to pay to have this mess removed.

  • DIBS


  • Ellie

    Would be nice if someone was commissioned to do something with that horrible green wall e.g under the BQE in Atlantic Ave (community project)

  • Earl of Clinton

    And those darn kids just won’t get off their lawn, either!

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I would like to point out that after running by it this morning, it’s not spray paint or anything permanent. I’m not sure what kind of martial it is, seems like that thick paper-like stuff people use to hang up concert posters on construction sites around town. If it is that, then it comes off super easy, which is evident by how much has come off already.

  • william spier

    Since it was not on a permanent structure and attached to a really bland building, what a shame it was removed. TVC seems to live in some alternative universe where spontaneity, generosity of spirit, and soaring imagination are the work of predation, not artistic altruism.
    TVC is flat out wrong calling this vandalism.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    William, I couldn’t have said it better. Amen.

  • Andrew Porter

    The reason that green wall is there is because back before the BQE and the Promenade were built, that was the back of the art deco apt. building on Columbia Heights, which towered over Furman Street. Here’s a photo from the Brooklyn Historical Society website showing the Old Furman Street—now all demolished—with that building in the right rear.

  • petercow


  • tvc

    So, it’s OK if we go and plaster graffiti on the wall of your home (and you’re happy to then remove it / pay to have it removed?)? “Soaring imagination”… are you serious?

  • ArtofAnAngel

    Calling it brilliant is quite a stretch.

  • Joe A

    So you support anyone painting whatever they want on other people’s property? Really? I know you liked this particular art work but are you sure that you would like all of the potential graffiti that someone might enjoy spraying around town? Strange position indeed.

  • dia

    i know something about this. but who should i bother telling?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I’m interested.