Lame Graffiti Artist Strikes Again at Fruit Street Sitting Area in Brooklyn Heights

Graffiti has returned to the Fruit Street Sitting Area a few weeks after what appeared to be a Citibike inspired attack. The Parks Department removed those scibblings a day after the bike racks were cleaned. Last year, Parks was also quick to remove a World Trade Center tribute many believe was created by world reknowned artist Banksy.

This latest attack appears to be of a similar hue of red used in the last defacing.

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  • M don

    you start the story off completely wrong by giving this fool the title of artist. Whoever they are, are nothing more than petulant little thugs who find following the law something they do not have to do. Call them by their correct names, felon, lawbreaker, spoiled POS anything other than artist. The press keeps kowtowing to the absurd notion that these degenerates are artists, which they aren’t!

  • petercow

    Agreed with M don below. “Vandal” is the term. And hopefully, soon, “convicted”.

  • rurbanite

    Please don’t mention the name “B-nksy” ever again. That word, like the n-word and the f-word, should be banned. Last year, the Daily News was running stories on this demented man every day. We are sick of “B-nksy” and you are only catering to his inveterate desire for publicity by mentioning him.

  • HenryLoL
  • Kenji Takabayashi

    This is just straight up bad tagging by someone who is obviously within a couple of miles from the park. It’s the same color and thickness of the previous tags. This is not an “artist”. This person should have to scrub this off with a toothbrush or the whole neighborhood when it (vandalism) appears. Banksy is a completely different animal, that’s another discussion entirely.

  • Jorale-man

    Agreed, comparing this and Banksy is apples and oranges. It should also be noted that there’s graffiti elsewhere in the Heights that rarely seems to get much attention – on mailboxes, street signs, etc. It’s too bad this is someone’s idea of a good time.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I know, I get very angry seeing that frequently hit spot on Hicks and Middaugh on the side of that real estate spot. I think there will always be a bit of an issue, at least we know of the particulars and it’s not rampant.