Swastikas and Trump Graffiti Discovered At Adam Yauch Park

Earlier this evening, graffiti of swastikas and “Go Trump” were discovered at Adam Yauch Park. We should have more shortly.


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  • aarrrrrimapirate

    Here’s the picture:

    Funny thing is, whoever tagged it was too f***ing stupid to even draw the swastikas correctly.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw this reported on WNBC-TV news tonight; image supplied by Brad Lander. Morons don’t even know how to draw a Swastika!

  • Doug Biviano

    This is absolutely disgusting. But I also find Brad Lander recklessly blaming this on Trump supporters without a shred of evidence to make such an accusation, equally as hateful, divisive and dangerous. People are already being attacked for who they voted for so his remark has no place whatsoever in civil discourse. Lander should apologize to us all for jumping on the hate train instead of trying to heal these divides. He should explain in his apology why his tweet was dangerous, divisive, hateful and just plain stupid.

    Before I am attacked for calling out Lander know that I wrote to the Brooklyn Eagle in 2007 when this happened once before not to divide but to heal. I looked to Martin Luther King for guidance and evoked him when I subsequently submitted a Peace and Non-violence Commission proposal to Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. It turned out that the 2007 hate crimes were not quite what they seemed on their face.

  • ldny

    Aren’t the words the “go trump” that were spray-painted under the swastikas (and visible to you here in the pictures, even if you didn’t see it in person, as I did) a “shred of evidence?” Some would say it is, indeed, self-evident.